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Retired Braveheart, Baylan Jones Empty Retired Braveheart, Baylan Jones

Post by Baylan on Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:21 pm

Easily seven foot tall, towering over all but the most impressive humans this Worgen peers at you with a single inquisitive eye, the other lost long ago in some spit and sawdust pub brawl. He smells like you would expect, musky and while not quite unpleasant it's not exactly a fine cologne. His speech is a typical Gilnean accent, dropping his 'T's more oft the not and using just about every curse word under the sun. He dresses as simply as he behaves, basic leather gear built mostly for ease of movement.[/

Gruff, cocky and at some times downright rude. Baylan has seen more then his fair share of scraps since the wall come down. Still, despite his crude exterior he's most certainly got a good heart. He can't abide those that do evil, and just generally wants to get along with anyone he should stumble into. Afflicted with the 'curse' of the Worgen, he chose to embrace it as more of a gift then a problem, viewing it as a blessing bestowed by the green Goddess herself. A follower of the old pagan ways of Gilneas (a 'Harvest Witch' as the more civilized call them), his family and his friends reclusive at best and hermits at worst, usually something shunned and best ignored by the well-to-do city dwellers and their ilk.

It's a lifestyle he's preferred, till the money ran out and ends became more difficult to meet. Now, he works for the highest payer, a proficient natural healer and worth his teeth and claws in a fight. As a result of this isolation and acceptance, he finds it much harder the most to return to his 'normal' human form. While not stuck as the dog, he's far more comfier in his fur.

It's this lack of interaction that's left him surprisingly lonely, filling himself with ale and keeping up the facade of good humor while secretly hoping for good company and perhaps even someone willing to invest more then an idle friendship with. It doesn't help that he's not particularly strong, or very intelligent. He doesn't have a poets heart or the hand of an artist. He's, at heart, a country boy lost in the city and forced into civilisation. But he does his best to get along.

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