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Braveheart, Alekszander Halewood Empty Braveheart, Alekszander Halewood

Post by Halewood on Wed Oct 01, 2014 3:11 pm

The page for Alek lies empty bar a green rune covering the page from corner to corner , Upon pressing a finger to it , It explodes into letters , words and symbols that make up a long story that goes by too fast for you to gather everything , Although what you can gather is this...

I was born into a servant family within Wintergarde and trained as a Paladin, My father worked a smithy and my brother was a servant for a Mr, Heaverend. When I was 15 my brother was murdered and in place of Him I was forced to take his place. After a few years I was took from the town by a band of Paladins named the "Silver Hand" Without Heaverend knowing, He may of searched for me though I am uncertain, When the Scourge attacked I was sent to fight them but was captured and Scourged myself.
Most of the information after this goes by too fast for you to comprehend and someone words even appear to be written in Scourge.

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Braveheart, Alekszander Halewood Empty Re: Braveheart, Alekszander Halewood

Post by Rinoi on Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:43 am

A note is scribbled beneath the fancy rune, in normal ink.

Rinoi wrote:
A note to all Braves:
Alekszander has gotten a lot of flak for his undead persuasion and allegiance to the Ebon Knights. I would like to note to all Braves that out here on the frontier, we must do our best to accept each other's ways. We are part of the Alliance, and the Alliance has important standards to uphold in the world at large. But on the fringes of society, you have to live and let live. Or in this case, live and let unlive.

However, Alekszander, some points to take note of.
  1. Don't bring down plague and disease on your fellow Braves!
  2. Do not get possessed by evil swords that make you want to murder your allies!


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