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Post by Tygos on Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:48 am

Say lads an' lasses have I ever told ye how I got the name Thunderfist?
Nae... well brace yer self for a story.

It was beyond the dark portal after it was closed, we were stuck in nethergarde keep as normal waiting for some kind of sign of rescue or reinforcement from the grand alliance when a pack of orcs attacked us, I never understood why they attacked us in the first place a small group of orcs against a keep, anyhow I were on guard duty and decided to try and talk the orcs out of attacking... not that they listened.. mindless brutes as they where..hell even is... they attacked me, from behind I could hear the other scouts yell for reinforcement for me, not that it was needed a hand of orcs were no match for a dwarf and to try and boost the troops morale I decided to go all out when they were all in sight to see the orcs end so I stayed on the defensive until most of the forces where gathered and I called the elements of wind making the my hands gain a faint blue glow growing in to lighting cackling in my hands now prepared I swiftly charged the closest orc hitting him in the stomach pushing him back in to the rest of the orcs before the lightning cackling around the orc exploded in to a thunderstruck hitting the rest of the orcs killing most of them, the survivors where left to there wounds and I told the rest of the force ready to assist me to leave them be and spread the word to there allys so they maybe will see reason and not attack us again.

Say then this is the short story of how I got my name, hope ye enjoyed it lads, lasses.. I think I'll grab a ale an' get to sleep now don' stay up to late now

"I'm a firm believer when somebody is down it's best to kick them"

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