Retired Braveheart, Mina Wellsworth

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Retired Braveheart, Mina Wellsworth Empty Retired Braveheart, Mina Wellsworth

Post by -Kuzami/Mina on Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:41 pm

Mina Wellsworth, little sister of the most Glorious Leader Theadore, is a younger and far better looking version of her older sister. Now scion to the Wellsworth family, since her older sister decided to defy their fathers wishes. What old man Theodore will think now that Mina have joined her rogue sister in the Braves, no one knows. Curious, Mina is still able to buy the finest furs, silks and jewelry on her fathers credit. Could it be that Mina has joined the Braves on her fathers behest?

As an apprentice engineer, she seems to be looking to her sister for more training with mechanics. Her passion lies in the runic magics tought to her at the mages academy. Unlike her sister, Mina could accomplish finishing her magical studies.
When she was finally allowed to leave her home, she travelled to Pandaria. She's returned after only a bit more than a year, a more grown and mature mind. Atleast more mature than Theadore...

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