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Retired Braveheart, Chase Empty Retired Braveheart, Chase

Post by Waka Flocka Chase on Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:05 am

Having a most irregular childhood, Chase and his siblings got ruthlessly exploited by their parents, moving between most of the seedy places in the Eastern Kingdoms to support such a livelihood. At the approximate age of 18 Chase inevitably fled to Stormwind on his own, cutting his family ties completely to be a free man, earning his keep the only ways he knew how.

Up to the age of 28 he's done it all: Been a hoodlum terrorizing the streets of Stormwind, rising slowly to the top before having it all taken from him, on more than one occasion. He's travelled the known world, sailed the seas, seeing wars and adventures, and it's all formed him to the experienced man of simple pleasures (and vices) he is today.

What you see is what you get. The man visibly thrives on debauchery, consuming enough booze to the point where it's just not a laughing matter anymore. His antics rarely present themselves as malicious or hurtful to others, however, and a goodhearted man is hidden beneath the obnoxiously chewing, viciously smelling, loudmouthed boozehound that is Chase.
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