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Braveheart, Nykiax Vendrich Empty Braveheart, Nykiax Vendrich

Post by Nexiax on Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:20 pm

Nykiax Vendrich

Nykiax Vendrich is the daughter of a blacksmith and of a healer from the exotic parts of the world. At a young age, Niki took up her father's traits of smithing and also the gnomish route of engineering to make a living to help support her family. Nearing adulthood, a striving for adventure took a hold within her, and so she set out looking for opportunities. One such opportunity presented itself, namely, the Band of the Brave.

In addition to being a blacksmith and engineer, Niki is also a fighter who aspires to be a warrior such as Muradin or Varian. Wielding an old, chipped, slightly rusted, worn yet still very sharp blade that has been passed down the Vendrich line since the Arathi Troll Wars as her melee weapon to strike out at her opponents, a steel shield as her vanguard to protect others and a bow to shoot those enemies who were too far away, Niki is prepared for combat. Most of the time, she will be the first one on to the fight, and the last one out.

Nyk carries around some interesting items on her. One is a simple rope pendant with a circular device made of silver and gold thorns whilst the other is a plain war horn that is attached via a rope to her belt.

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