The Unwanted Doctor (Backstory)

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The Unwanted Doctor (Backstory) Empty The Unwanted Doctor (Backstory)

Post by Voranos on Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:08 pm

The Unwanted Doctor

Born and raised on the streets of Gilneas, Clayton had a rough childhood. He claims to always have been noble, but that is not true. Abandoned by his very own parents on the streets, Clayton had to take care of himself in order to survive Gilneas harsh and cold streets. While some had it easy hiding behind the giant walls of Gilneas, others had it worse than rough and Clayton was one of them. He was not the only orphan that walked those cold streets however, oh no. He was one of many, and soon enough they all found eachother.

That's how the Secret Society of the Unwanted was born...

The orphans all took care of eachother and treated the others like family. They were all brothers and sisters back then, but everything good comes to an end sooner or later. It didn't take many years before a small group within The Unwanted was born, a rebelious group of orphans that wanted to see their Society led by only themselves. The other orphans (including Clayton) would not let that happen since they all valued the open democracy where everyone stood as equals.

War with their own brother and sisters, that's the last thing anyone wanted but nonetheless, war happened indeed. Children who just only hit their teens now had to fight for their own lives as they always had, but now their enemy was not the harsh streets of Gilneas but their very own siblings... Fights were not rare, and broken bones was not uncommon either but they did not kill their former brothers and sisters oh no. Claytons pack was however scattered, and many soon realized they indeed needed a leader to lead them to victory. They all had a voting about it and to noones suprise, Clayton bad to take on the mantle of leading the pack to victory.

You must realize why they had to fight and not simply leave eachother to be. Was there to be two groups of younglings on the streets running around, stealing from the nobility, someone would eventually make it their buisness to stop it. One group would go unnoticed, but two would be one too many. Clayton did indeed lead his brothers and sisters to victory as he conviced Garret (The rebel leader) to come back with him.

The years went on and the group of Orphans soon became young adults now trying to adapt to the adultary of Gilneas, which was no easy task.Time went on and soon everyone went their own paths, but they would never forget their siblings, nor the boy who led them to victory when time called for a leader. Clayton did however not settle for a common mans life. He'd grown up on those very streets and watched those high towers every night before the sleep caught the best of him.

Clayton got himself a job as a servant at the age of sixteen, a sevant to one of Gilneas wealthiest men. Hubert Gallywing. Hubert was a very friendly man, even for a noble and treated his servants with the outmost respect as he saw them all for what they were. Human beings and not property, something most nobles didn't even considered in Gilneas.

Clayton did his best to gaint Huberts trust, cause you see, Hubert was old and he had no children of his own and no relatives at that side of the Wall. That meant he had no one to give all his wealth to once he passed away, but Clayton had his mind set on changing that. Using his charm and slyness, Clayton slowly but steady conviced Hubert that he was worthy of Huberts wealth.

Once time caught up to Hubert, Clayton became one of Gilneas most wealthiest men and portrayed himself as a long lost relative to the newly deseased man. The old Clayton was dead. But there was those who still knew the old Clayton, people that had to be bought. Clayton gathered the old Society of the Unwanted plus Huberts old servants and told them all that he wanted his past to be forgotten. For the right price of course... He also told them that he wanted eyes and ears everywhere across Gilneas in case anyone tried getting close to his riches and that he would pay greately for valuable information.

The years went on and Clayton lived the good life, spending Huberts old riches and making some of his own while he could. Nothing good lasts forever though. That's what Claytons life on the streets had learned him.

It didn't last. Clayton was right.

It was a cold autum night when it happened. When everything changed... He still remembers the screams. The blood and those filthy... Mongrels. He lost too many to count that night, when the ferals ravaged the very streets he had grew up on. Garret (the old rebel leader who now stayed at his mansion) woke him up in the middle of the night with fear in his eyes. Fear wasn't common for Garret or any of the old Orphans so Clayton knew immediatly that something was terribly wrong. He got dressed and got dragged out in the streets by Garret who kept telling him ''There's no time, brother! I'll explain once you're safe!''.

The streets was not as he remembered them. He remembered them gray, cold and empty during the nights. The streets was not gray, but red of the flowing blood. The streets were not cold, but warm from the flowing blood. The streets were not empty, but filled by the flowing blood of countless innocents. Clayton will never forget was he saw that night. Never.

It didn't take long before the sickness came knocking on Garrets door however... Garret led him into an alley claiming it would be a shortcut to the harbor. Clayton followed his brother but started noticing that Garret had trouble standing up, so he rushed to his brother and tried helping him up only to be greeted by a growl from Garret. Clayton pushed Garret away and reached for his trusty knife, but he was not fast enough before Garret launched himself at Clayton, knocking Clayton back. That's when it all got black...

A blessing some called it... A curse more like. Clayton remembers nothing between the alley and when he woke up surounded by those tall elves. It's probably better that way. Clayton immedietly asked for Garret only to be answered with a simple shrug from one of the elves. He pushed himself to his feet only to realize he no longer was home, but now in a city filled with giant trees and elves. He had woken up in Darnassus, alone. Or so he thought. He felt a hand on his shoulder and immedietly turned around. A warm smile was the only thing he saw before getting a big hug. It was Garret alright and he was looking better than ever. Garret explained that only a few of the Society still remained, but that those who had survived was embraced by the curse of becoming a Worgen. Garret explained everything that had happened to Clayton, but Clayton still couldn't believe it. That's when Garret extended inch-long claws and showed them to Clayton and only then did he believe.

It took a couple of days for everyone to get back on their feet and when they had, Clayton gathered the Society and set out a mission for Gilneas in order to claim his old riches and also get a few of the newly deseased nobles riches too. The mission was a success and now even his brother and sisters had the riches they've all dreamed of. Those who grew up on the streets living only on bread and water could now host the finest of dinners in whole Azeroth. Life was amazing and Clayton now had a entire new world to explore and so he set out to do so. The Society went their own paths once again. Some stayed together and some decided to settle down alone, but they will all remember the man who got them trough the worst of times. The man who got them trough the coldest of winters and the warmest of summers.

Clayton McCartney.

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The Unwanted Doctor (Backstory) Empty Re: The Unwanted Doctor (Backstory)

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Hm, a worgen master of whisperers as well as a fake nobleman? A dogewhisperer? So many puns. Much wow. I look forward to seeing what that sneaky rich guy has in store for us. And if the other worgen in the guild know him... Or know of him? Hrm- I wonder if that's where he got his intel on all of us.

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