A letter from the Doctor.

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A letter from the Doctor. Empty A letter from the Doctor.

Post by Voranos on Wed Dec 31, 2014 4:47 am

''A letter would have been pinned around midnight at 29/12/2014''

A letter from the Doctor. 1enfnJw

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A letter from the Doctor. Empty Re: A letter from the Doctor.

Post by Rinoi on Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:00 pm

OOC: Although we're in Draenor, and no longer present or running the show in the Pig and Whistle, I'll glaze over how Rin got her hands on this note, but be assured that she did!

Around a cosy fire in Draenor: wrote:
The fire cast a warm glow on the Chief as she sat by the crackling ember flames. Around her were the sounds of talk, laughter and even some music, as the Band rested for the night. A bag of mail, notes and other post had arrived for them; missives sent from others on the savage world, and even letters from back on Azeroth. The contact back home had been spotty at first- and it was still no easy feat to get in touch- but it was no longer unheard of. Silently, disengaging with the other merriment around the fire, she lets her gaze dance over the scroll in her hands, addressed to the band as a whole.

Slowly her lips curl into a smile and she reaches to her pen. With a copious dip in ink, she plops it down on a readied sheet of paper, balanced on her knee. The Chief’s mouth moves as she mutters and writes her reply, her tongue occasionally dashing out to wetten her lips “Dear… ” Rin’s eyes narrow and she leans aside to study the signature and style of address on the letter, before continuing.

Dear Doctor McCartney,

Thank you for your interest in the Band. I would love to take you up for your most kind offer of tea, but I cannot help but wonder how much of a distance you were studying us from. We are currently travelling through the wilds of Draenor, in pursuit of adventure. Were you to find us out here, I would gladly share tea and biscuits. But I fear I can make no engagements at this time that take me away from our call on the frontier.

Intrepidly yours,

Chief Rinoi Du’nai

With a nod, she stares at the message and lays it aside to dry, some of the roughly jotted ink already smeared. A bottle passes her way, and she grins- joining in again with the cheerful fellowship of her comrades.


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