1st Northrend Expedition.

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1st Northrend Expedition. Empty 1st Northrend Expedition.

Post by erwtenpeller on Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:59 pm

The Band of the Brave
1st Northrend Expedition.

The Band of the Brave was in Northrend from the 27th of January to the 13th of February. During their expedition they traversed frozen planes, uncovered ancient halls and fought mighty undead beasts. The expedition was a great success in the end, the loot from Vyrkul holds and forgotten halls of Ulduar proving more then enough to fund the braves for some time to come.

1st Northrend Expedition. Qgn6

Jan 27th - The Band of the Brave sets sail from Stormwind in the "Screaming Duckling", under naval leadership of Captain Frank. On open waters our heroes found themselves under attack by a kraken beast, damaging their ship. They had to make landfall on an un-inhabited island, to spend the night and make repairs.
Jan 28th - The Band of the Brave repairs they ship and sets off, using shamanistic boons to make up for lost time, the Band arrives at Valiant Keep in the Borean Tundra just one day behind schedule. An expedition is dispatched immediately, and a Vyrkul treasure is found.
Jan 29th - The Band of the Brave travels to the local tuskarr for a mission of peace a trade, and is confronted with these neutrals' tenancies to trade with both factions. Negotiations are tense, but end peacefully.
An expedition to the gnomish air strip is dispatched, om search of a samophlange to keep a sky golem in the air. The expedition was assaulted by a mechanical monster, but it was soon bested, and the samophlange obtained.
Jan 30th - The Band of the Brave travels into the Sholozar Basin, in chase of a rumored sword of power. It is found in an old total vault. The Band spends the following few nights in the basin, enjoying the tropical temperatures andg gathering their strength.
Feb 2nd - The Band of the Brave uses the resonance of the old Dalaran teleportantion anchors to create a portal to Crystalsong Forest. From there, they travel North into the Storm Peaks. Dark voices plague the minds of our adventurers as they explore the mountains.
Feb 3rd - The Band of the Brave travels into the ancient titan hold of Ulduar. With the big battles long fought, they came in to plunder the wreckage, taking a shipment of unidentified artifacts with them. Some have faint memories of going down into the depths and fighting a monster of immeasurable evil, but they are dismissed as fantasy in the end.
Feb 4th - The Band of the Brave leaves the Storm Peaks behind and travels down to Wintergarde Hold in the Dragonblight. When they have almost reached the fort, they find their path cut off by a monstrous Frost Wyrm. It was slain.
Feb 5th - The Band of the Brave drive their way through the droves of undead swarming the never-completed town of Wintergarde. Their continued travel takes them to the Amberpine Lodge, where they enjoy a nice relaxing night and the pleasure of the famous Amberpine Hot Chocolate.
Feb 6th - The Band of the Brave arrives in Westguard Keep, where they meet the Blazing Shields and the Disciples of Light. They are under payroll of the Blazing Shields, under command of Commander Falrock.
Feb 8th - Westguard Keep is under attack of hordes of undead monsters! The Band of the Brave, the Disciples of Light and the Blazing Shields work together to destroy the threat!
Feb 11th - A small group of Braves takes initiative to salvage treasure from ships that have sunk off the coast of the treacherous fjords. They are confronted with their own ship, the "Screaming Duckling", now sailed by horde pirates. A devastating blow to morale, and the wallet!
Feb 12th - The Blazing Shields and the Band of the Brave team up to assault a forsaken hold. The attack is a great success, the forsaken threat eliminated.
Feb 13th - Through portal technology, a return trip to Stormwind is secured.

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1st Northrend Expedition. Empty Re: 1st Northrend Expedition.

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Why did I ever leave.. :/

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