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Sleeping Beauty. Empty Sleeping Beauty.

Post by Littlepip on Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:43 am

For those wandering around the camp at the evening of the 11th of February would have noticed a small, green figure with long ears lying besides the campfire, sleeping heavily. This elf, no matter what happens to her would be sleeping soundly with snoring an turning about. For those whom decided to sit besides the campfire that day could have possibly noticed the strangest of things, first of there is no logs in the fire, yet it is warmer then any others. Yet for those who are even more observant then the other braves, might have noticed the small, glowing rune written in the middle of the fire on a rock. Lying around the elf would be several items, first of there would be a teapot and a cup right beside each other only lying a feet from the elf's left hand, the teacup having fallen over and spilling over its now cold content. Besides the teapot there would be a small green bag containing medicinal herbs all the way from Azeroth. Solving the puzzle from there would not be a difficult task.

Just got a little bored and decided to write whatever Littlepip was doing during those events, if something that happened that evening contradicts it feel free to respond and I will fix it.

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