Campfire, spars and fights!

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Campfire, spars and fights! Empty Campfire, spars and fights!

Post by Tygos on Sat Feb 07, 2015 2:11 am

Recently there been a feeew of these around the braves campfire, a few involving a pervy dwarf and a crusader and a few not.

I'll start us off by telling a short story of eli and tygos brawling over a "misunderstanding"

The 2nd fight:
It was a late night after the meeting when the crusader Eli and Tygos had a few "misunderstandings" and Eli challenged Tygos to a duel that took place on a cliff on the our skirts of Stormshield where they both fought valiantly ending in the Crusader being victorious earning the faith of the dwarf that later was part of him gifting her one of his most precious objects "Skyfall"

Add your own, small spars and fights around the campfire or anywhere where braves fight each other or ally's, make it short or long maybe just a "this person fought this person and this is who won"

"I'm a firm believer when somebody is down it's best to kick them"

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Campfire, spars and fights! Empty Re: Campfire, spars and fights!

Post by Rinoi on Wed Mar 04, 2015 12:05 pm

All out brawls!
The field behind an Alliance Mage tower, James vs. Rinoi vs. Harold vs. 'Others I forgot'" :
A brawl held in order to test Kastarn's theory about an ogre artifact. The artifact that would later gain them access to one of Highmaul's potent magic vaults had to be experimented with in order to unlock its magical powers. Kastarn's theory was thus; Those around it would have to act like ogres to make it feel at home. Clearly the best way to do this, was to have an all out brawl. A couple of Braves all went head to head. No weaponry was used, just punches, kicks- and shoves. Eventually the tablet revealed its magic, and the brawl was ended. Rinoi ended up with a broken knee and bloody nose after a kick into her kneecap, courtesy of Harold. Another also fell, giving Linming the pandaren healer more than a handful to sort out. (OOC: I forgot who was so very wounded as well after this fight, and I most certainly missed some participants in this brawl, as it's been so long ago!)

James vs. Rinoi
"Frostfire Ridge Cave, James vs. Rinoi" :
Not the most serious of duels. Whilst both drunk, the two had a furious wrestling match in the snow. To an outsider, it would have most certainly looked like a dull and slow affair. Crawling atop each other and yanking at each other's hair. Both had a moment of being 'on top' and 'winning'.  It went on for a few minutes, until the cold of the snow froze them both out of wanting to compete. No clear winner was determined, although Rinoi is sure she was certainly it.
"Alliance Garrison's tavern, James vs. Rinoi" :
Although not a very serious duel, the two tested their strength in an armwrestling match! It was over as soon as the countdown ended, and Rinoi slammed James' arm into the table with such a blow that the table shook, and the poor hunter's hand bones were shattered. The Chief, when emotional and possibly drunk, has quite an unnatural strength.

Arenfel vs. Rinoi
"March 3rd, Fort Wrynn, Arenfel vs. Rinoi" :
Soon after the old archmage Arenfels return to Draenor, and some clingy hugs later, he challenged the Brave Chief to a duel! With her wielding the runesword Nautus, that Arenfel himself crafted and gifted to her, he in turn only wielded a broom. With overwhelming strength and vitality, Rinoi leapt into the fight. Thundering around like a bull, with slashes and bashes that could split rocks. Arenfel was like mist- dodging and weaving out of the way. All Rinoi's blows were deflected and missed in the end, and Arenfel succeeded in casting a jade lightning through the watery sheen left behind by Nautus's swings. Shocking and trembling the warriors' grip, sending her back, reeling. Although she held onto the mystically electrified blade, and got up for another bout of fighting; The fight was ended prematurely, with no clear winner. Although Arenfel's insightful study of his opponent is sure to have learned him more lessons than Rinoi's feisty, but reckless burst of brawling were they ever to duel again.

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