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RBG 2K+ Callout on DefiasRP.com Empty RBG 2K+ Callout on DefiasRP.com

Post by erwtenpeller on Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:50 pm

Skarain is looking to form a competative RBG team of role-players to go to the stars, and beyond.

Visit the original thread here:

Skarain wrote:After having yet another of my RBG groups disband/cancelled, i've had to face the fact that:
"If you want something, you got to do it yourself"

Looking for players who are interested to run serious RBG's, +2k rating as a goal

I'll be more shorter than in my earlier thread that i deleted without saving. I am looking for people who are willing to start from scratch and work towards a rather ambitious goal, to reach +2k rating in RBG's. As an inexperienced Leader and generally a RBG player with experience only up to 1900, i don't ask for any achievements. What i ask is:

-Willing to dedicate themselves to run with the group 2-3 days a week.
-Half-prideful or better gear (with gems & enchants)
-Skype, working mic and can speak (prefer not to take people who can only listen)
-Know their class/know how to play the game
-BattlegroundTargets addon

While i am sure those all who will get involved will learn a lot and become better players over the weeks, i may be forced to replace people who simply remain incapable of pulling their weight, or are incapable to respecting the agreed times. Such is done in respect to the other team members. The intent is not to boost anyone.


FC: Guardian Druid(open)
Healers: MW Monk(Inran), Holy Paladin(Urièl), Holy Priest(Laeaith(AD)
DPS: UhDk(open), Aff Lock(open), Mage(open), SPriest(open), Rogue(Siegmund), Hunter(Hówards)

If interested, whisper me ingame on Alliance on: "Skarain" or "Inran"

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