Terror in Eastvale!

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Terror in Eastvale!

Post by Tarlin on Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:29 pm


Recent reports from Eastvale logging camp tell of a demonic bear that is terrorising the lumberjacks and forcing them away from their work! Even the local guard have been dispatched and still, the aberration remains.

We need a few heroes to find the beast's lair and eradicate it from the forest so that work can return to normal for the camp. The bear, known by the locals as “The Shadow”, dwells in a cave near the logging camp in the mountains. It is unclear how it got there and why such a demonic creature would take residence there but it is up to you heroes to get rid of it and bring peace once more to the forest!

A line of chicken-scratch handwriting is written on the bottom of the poster:

Looks like a hunting trip where I'm going to need some help, any takers?

( This will be happening Tuesday 25th March, 20:30 server time. Sorry for the short notice and hopefully I don't screw up too much. ^.^ )


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