Destruction Derby! -POSTPONED-

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Destruction Derby! -POSTPONED-

Post by erwtenpeller on Thu Mar 13, 2014 6:29 pm


The Band of the Brave presents:

Calling all engineers, Tinkers and Siege-crafters alike! On the 26th of May you are invited to bring your mechanical monstrosities to pit them together in a battle of steam, steal, mayhem and explosions! They will be tested on their endurance, destructive power and speed, spread over several competitions!

May the best tinker, or team of tinkers, win!


An event to which engineers can bring their machines and pit them against each-other in spectacular competition! I have not decided on a location yet, but it will most likely be in or around Stormwind or Ironforge.

There will be two main events, with room for adding more. (Feedback is always welcome!)

Destruction Derby:
Vehicles are pitted against each-other in an arena of steel and steam! Last one standing wins.
Destruction Derby Details:
Mechanical machines face off in an arena and fight to destruction.
Combat happens in rounds, every round each vehicle may make one attack to one target.
A simple dice is rolled. roll over 50 to hit.
All vehicles have 4 Hit Points. When those Hit Points are spent, you're out!
At the start of the Derby, players choose one of three properties to give their vehicle some character:
Sturdy: +1 HP.
Quick: Gain two re-rolls.
Agressive: +10 to all attack rolls.

The Roundabout:
Vehicles race around a round track. First one to make it over the finish line, wins!
Roundabout Details:
Vehicles race each-other on a circular track.
Vehicles move once per round.
The track is spaced out between five world markers.
Players roll a dice to move:
Roll Lower then 50 to move half a space.
Roll Higher then 50 to move a full space.
Roll Higher then 100 to move a space and a half.
Each round players can choose one of two additional actions:
Sabotage: Remove 50 from a target opponents roll by sabotaging* their vehicle.
Turbo: Add 50 to your own roll.

* Sabotage: Play this out in any way you want to. Maybe your vehicle can shoot missiles, maybe it drops oil slicks. Maybe you have a co-rider that shoots fireballs! The sky is the limit, anything is possible. Be as creative as you like.

Before each of the events the participants will be able to show off their vehicles, make last-minute adjustments and repairs, and just generally have fun role-playing their engineering characters and out-smarting each-other with techno-babble. Smack-talking is totally encouraged!

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Re: Destruction Derby! -POSTPONED-

Post by Monrena on Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:24 pm

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