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The unpaid debt! Empty The unpaid debt!

Post by Lennix_Doge! on Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:57 pm

An Elf, new to the ranks of 'Ranger' within Sylvannas's ranks. Murdered and resurrected by the Banshee queen, herself. This Elf reached her rank at a fast pace, killing anyone and anything that stumbled in her way, not giving an ounce of emotion to the victims. As her travels began in the cold depths of Northend, known as the most trusted in the Forsaken ranks, a heartless Elf joined Slyvannas on a quest to destroy the Lich King. During the days just before the Lich Kings fall, the Elven undead encountered a wandering human, his toes were blue from the cold, his clothing torn and a missing left eye. The human begged to be spared, as he fell in the snow, looking up at the Elf. She stared down at him, not feeling a single emotion, holding her blade high above her head...

"Stop, please!" The human cried out, as the blade came crashing down upon him. The sounds of a swooshing blade would stop, silencing the air around. The human looked up, the blade an inch from his face, the Elf staring down at him with an expression of sorrow. She lets out a croaky word, one after the other. "Will... you.. walk.. with me..?" The human blinked in shock, standing up, shivering.. "Y-yes.. I-i will.." The Forsaken gave him a slight nod, she pulled off her dark cloak and wrapped it around the human... As they spent hours walking, eventually ending up in Grizzly hills.. "Thomas, that's my name." He asked in a curious but manly tone." The Elf continued to stare forward, not answering back. Eventually stumbling into a Horde encampment, the locals stared with worry, and anger. One angry Orc walked up to them, gripping onto his meat cleaver. "You dare bring filth here, hand him over, so that he may be food for my Wolves!" Thomas shivered with fear, looking around for an escape but seeing nothing but dead ends. The forsaken elf stared at the Orc, before suddenly appearing behind him.. "WHAT?!" The Orc cries out, just as his whole body falls apart.. surrounding horde scurried away, screaming and yelping to not be killled, yet the Elf ignored them, just standing over the Orc corpse, faintly smiling as she turned back to the Human.. "I will protect you, you will never need to worry again.." She explains in a calm tone.. Thomas stares at her, completely confused toward her kindness. They carried on, leaving the camp..

"W-why.. why do you protect me?" Thomas asked with a stutter leaving his lips. The Elf turns to him with a piercing glare.. "Because.. The look you gave me just as you were about to be slaughtered.. It was the same look i gave to Slyvannas right before she killed me." Thomas looked to the floor, frowning. "I.. s-see.." As weeks past, the Elven forsaken continued to wander with the Human.. Until one day, a group of Forsaken stumbled upon them, not saying anything but simply going straight into there attempt assassination of the both the human and the elf. Thomas was thrown into the surrounding bushes by the Elf, as she striked back, trying her best to keep the rangers at bay, despite being of the same rank, the rangers took no pity in there attempt slaughter.. An echoed voice started to surround the group, slowly becoming more real as a sister ranger walked out the bushes with a knife to the humans neck, it already bleeding slightly. "You have commited crimes against the Horde and Lady Slyvannas herself.. The punishment is death, just as this human will die." The sound of squirting blood filled the area as the ranger sliced his neck, dropping him shortly after. His body flopping to the floor, covered in blood.. "Nooo! You will die, monsters!" The Elf screeched, charging through all the rangers with a bloodlust rarely seen, murdering them one by one, with no trouble at all..

The elf fell to her knees, one last tear sparkled as it dropped from her face, she picked up the human and walked away, carrying him.. Stumbling into the harsh environment of Icecrown, the elf stumbled upon a cave, lingering with the smell of burned flesh and an ice cold breeze, she entered nonetheless, not one ounce of fear was shown on her body. One seriously freaky voice echoed through out the cave "Come in child, you wish to speak.. I sense sadness.. Come deeper into the caves.." The elf continued to walk, eventually stumbling into a room filled with corpses and strange books.. The room was decorated with scourge parts and strange artifacts, however, the elf continued to the middle of the room.. "Yes, yes.. I see you.. What is this? You brou-.. Oh, he is dead. I was getting all excited.." A figure started to form inches in front of her, a cloud of shadow magic shot around, as if shooting stars were never ending.. Eventually a Lich appeared, just like any Lich, he was bony and fucking ugly.. He stared down at the human body, tutting in a disappointed manner.. "Pl-please.. help him.." the elf cried out as she looked up to the Lich with a face of sadness.. Letting out a cackle, the Lich grabbed the body in one swipe.. "A Forsaken bitch wanting to help a Human? Well, this is a suprise.. And just for you, i will do it... heh.. for a price.. heh." "Anything, i will anything you ask of me.." she cried out once again. "You will remain with me, help me with my.. experiments and do everything i ask.." the Lich explaind, laughing with each passing word.. The elf gave a nod without any hesitation, agreeing to the terms.. Imminently, the Lich began to resurrect the human without any trouble whatsoever..

Staring in extreme hate, the elf stared up at the human, but now looking at a ghoul, it wretched and struggled from the grasp of the Lich's shadow magic.. "Your friend... is alive.. i guess?" the Elf wasted no time, slaughtering the ghoul with no remorse.. Then going for the Lich, it quickly concealed her in a barrier of dark magic.. Shouting and screaming in rage, "You dare attack me! I will never allow this, you are mine now. I brought him back, as a something more superior, you must NOT break such a debt with me! NEVER! No, no!!!" The Elf whines in a way a child wood.. Being released from the shackles of the barrier, the Lich became disorientated from mysterious light given off, the elf had single chance of freedom, and took it. She ran. Not stopping and never looking back! "I WILL HAVE YOU! NO ONE WILL EVER BREAK A PROMISE TO MEE! YOU WILL BE MY SLAVE!" The lich yells out as she runs.. The Elf stumbles upon an Alliance vessel after days of running, with no hesitation she became the thing the human brought her out of.. An emotionless murderer, killing the alliance on the boat, she claimed it as her own, sailing off into the deep oceans of Azeroth..

Years later, to the present day the Elf continues to wander the world of Azeroth, still wearing her Forsaken colours, killing any mortals that are unfortunate enough to pass her. An angry, vengeful Lich chases her, never stopping until he as what he asked for...

The recent attack in Gilneas by the unnamed elf and later appearance of the Lich has left the Braves and friends baffled with shock, what will happen in the near future? Only time will tell!

(I hope you enjoyed the story, was my first one and kinda rush but other than that, i enjoyed writing it.!)

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The unpaid debt! Empty Re: The unpaid debt!

Post by erwtenpeller on Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:03 am

A tragic tale! Let us hope we can grant them eternal peace.

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