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Keel Harbor. Empty Keel Harbor.

Post by erwtenpeller on Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:24 pm

A hastily scribbled note has been pinned to the command board.

The Screaming Duckling has been spotted.
Manned by a crew of despicable horde scum, we are headed to Keel Harbor to intercept them and take our ship back.

- Wellsworth.

We're combining a bunch of things.
We're visiting the Black Hand's new initiative in Keel Harbor:
The excuse to be there is to get our ship back, that was captured by horde pirates in Northrend.
We'll be there for a couple of days, the current plan is to have the ship back in our hands on Wednesday.

We'll be role-playing with Tides of Rum and The Black Hand.

We'll need the ship to go to Northrend for the upcoming pvp campaign, and after that to Pandaria.

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