A realistic Pandaren language

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A realistic Pandaren language Empty A realistic Pandaren language

Post by Adry on Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:36 am

Calling all Pandaren RPers! Sick of the "OM NOM NOM" ruining your immersion with its stupidity? Here is a solution!

Download this file. Go C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\totalRP2 (or wherever else your WoW install is), and replace the existing totalRP2_DataBase_Languages.lua file with this one. Alternatively, if you don't trust me or something, just copy and paste this code into somewhere on the file yourself:

["PANDAREN2"] = { -- Realistic Pandaren by Adry
 ["Entete"] = "Pandaren";
 ["Nom"] = "Realistic Pandaren";
 ["Description"] = "A realistic Pandaren dialect (less om nom nom!)";
 ["Icone"] = "achievement_character_pandaren_female";
 ["HashTables"] = {
 ["1"] = "a;i;o;u;e;y";
 ["2"] = "po;ie;ho;ia;lu;zu;xa;su;da;fe;fa;ya;hu;wi;gu;gi;ma";
 ["3"] = "shi;zhi;zhu;pan;pon;pin;ren;rin;run;ran;shu;sha;zha;she;zhe;chi;che;cha;chu;zie;zao;zae;mei;mao;mae;lie;lua;hua;hie;lao;wan;hui;bon;bay;yue;fue";
 ["4"] = "inzu;zhae;liao;ishe;shal;chan;chie;hang;hung;ushi;ping;pong;peng;phao;phoo;phuo;phen;phan;fong;fang;feng;ichi;song;bian";
 ["5"] = "zhong;ireta;musha;laoin;rishu;tahai;hiezu;tatsu;dashi;lanzu;tenlo;njang;uichi;aichi;xiang;xioya;jiezi;shang";
 ["6"] = "shakti;mei'an;linshu;ho'lan;honlai;hunshi;lo'shi;donlai;ushoie;laizhu;ninlou;phuong;phoong;hashi;hu-shi;yinshu;pinyin";
 ["7"] = "hialash;lie-sha;tare'po;hualing;ping-lo;hae'sho;pingshu;langhai;areshie;tai-zhu;pong'lo";
 ["8"] = "ponta-li;to'shido;haji'mai;long-tao;zhenpoui;huong'lo;ping-zen;otomashu;hong'mai";
 ["9"] = "lin-hashu;hung'tao;na-toushi;ie'taolai;po-moulai;laintarou;zhang-hao;ningloshi";
 ["10"] = "phei'laong;lao-tenzhu;lingshenlo;gadou-zhen;taou'laozu;dou'laoshi;chenti'mao;shu-lushal";
 ["11"] = "teng-zhi'lu;langzhen'ti;phonglaoshi;pham'shaong;tung-lishao;tao'gaizhao;loung'tashi;lua-rinzhae";
 ["12"] = "phao-zhen'li;lua'rinzhae;teng-laoshio;renhiezu'pan;dashio-njang;hungchi'hien;phan'hie'zho";

And voila! You may now choose to learn the TRP Dialect called Realistic Pandaren, with the icon being a female pandaren. It will still appear as Pandaren in square brackets in your chat, but importantly, it won't look ridiculous to non-Pandaren. It will, however, only be readable by anyone else who also has installed this language. So spread the word! (or words, as it's a language)

Note to non-TRP users: I originally made a Tongues language because Tongues is better, but the reality is nobody uses Tongues nowadays, so I did this instead.

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A realistic Pandaren language Empty Re: A realistic Pandaren language

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:28 am

Great initiative!
Charlie Blazesong
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A realistic Pandaren language Empty Re: A realistic Pandaren language

Post by Paozi on Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:57 pm

I will repeat what I replied on DefiasRP:

I've seen this custom languages and others like this before, and as a pandaren role-player I don't think I will ever support them, if only for the sole reason that it only works for other people who use the same add-ons, and I am not comfortable with that kind of exclusion. It's too awkard a situation to find yourself in to have a conversation with another pandaren character in this custom Pandaren language, only for another pandaren to join in and not being able to understand his own language. I know this because I have been in exactly this situation multiple times when we experimented with custom Pandaren languages within Blooming Lotus.

My prefered solution is to roll with the punches and turn a a deficit into an asset. The way I have treated it on Paozi is that the Pandaren language just sounds like eating noises to the other races of Azeroth, for the simple reason that it is a language that is derived from the primary way how the ancient pandaren communicated to one another: trough their bellies and the sharing of food! I have had plenty of fun role-play by discussing this language and trying to explain it to non-pandaren characters. Bonus points to Melnerag when his character tried pronnouncing 'Nom' in every possible way imagineable, only for Paozi to reply "Don't talk with your mouth full." That was a fun exchange.

Would I prefer to have an actual Pandaren language that sounds like this:

You bet your ass I would!

Sadly, we didn't get that, so we have to make due, by turning a joke into something more. It's a hassle, but there you go.

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A realistic Pandaren language Empty Re: A realistic Pandaren language

Post by Jian Shu on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:41 pm

From Loremaster Amai:

Lorewalker Amai says: This is the Song of Liu Lang, the first pandaren explorer.
Hao says: Why can't I understand any of the words?
Lorewalker Amai says: The song is written in the old tongue, the language of emperors and scholars. Hardly anyone speaks it anymore.

Possibly, the language in the video, and thus this language that Adry made for TRP, are thus the old tongue of the pandaren? This would provide an easy explanation to how some of us speak it but other pandaren don't understand.
Jian Shu
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A realistic Pandaren language Empty Re: A realistic Pandaren language

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