"Soursha" has passed away.

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"Soursha" has passed away.

Post by erwtenpeller on Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:00 pm

Steven Sinclair Thomson, whom you know as "Soursha" in our guild, and whom you might have encountered as "Nasheli", passed away during the weekend at the age of 24. He was found on Monday the 24th of February.

It is still unclear how he died, but it is known he suffered from chronic Asthma and Bronchitis. It is most likely he went peacefully, without pain.

He was a fine role-player, an easy-going guildie and I'm pretty sure a damn fine lad.

It is likely there will be an in-game event where he and is characters will be honored and remembered.

I will update this thread as more information comes to me.

My condolences to his friends, family, and those who knew him well in the game.

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Re: "Soursha" has passed away.

Post by Monrena on Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:47 pm

ahh I know Nasheli a little.. this is a sad thing I hope he sleeps eternally in peace

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