Wellsworth, away!

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Wellsworth, away! Empty Wellsworth, away!

Post by erwtenpeller on Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:39 pm

Fellow Adventurers!

I, your Glorious Leader, will be taking the children of the orphanage to Westfall, to provide aid, support and charity to the poor and the sick. I will be away from Thursday the 27th of February until [/b]Sunday the 9th of May[/b].

During my absence, Charlie will be in charge of the Band of the Brave.
Yuan'Do will be promoted to the new rank of Lionheart. She will be in effective command of the men, and responsible for their behavior and well-being. She will be second in command.

Good luck in the plaguelands, everyone. Fight with honor and bravery, vanquish the evils of the scourge!

Light's Blessings,
- Wellsworth.

As I announced earlier, I'm taking a week to be with my lady. I'll still be on sporadically, but I can't dedicate to anything. That's why I have decided to send Wellsy away for the time being, and play an alt when I get a chance to log in.

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