The Divine Bridge

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The Divine Bridge

Post by erwtenpeller on Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:51 am

A copy of the following article has been pinned to the board. The originals can be found littering the streets [link], but this one is pinned up at braves HQ.

Adry wrote:
The Divine Bridge
A manifesto on the forces of disorder
I, Preface
II, The Universe - An explanation of the forces of disorder and the balance between them
III, Disorder of the Light - Specific elaboration of the disorder caused by the Light and the forces working to address the imbalance
IV, Tenets of Darkness - The truth about the Shadow and its influences
V, My Proposal - An outline of how we can and should improve the symbiosis of forces for both ourselves and the universe
VI, Postface

I, Preface
I am no heretic. The Light still shines strongly on my soul, a resilience of being to which I accredit the correctness of my beliefs; I do no wrong, and I wish no wrong. While I will not judge you for your differing beliefs, I cannot possibly ask you not to judge me. So instead I merely ask you recall your virtues - Have the Respect to tolerate my beliefs, have the Compassion to appreciate the adversity I face, and have the Tenacity to hold your blade at bay.

The beliefs I express in this manifesto are neither propoganda nor are they in any way targetting the Church of the Holy Light or any other organizations. There is no dark ulterior motive behind my words. I wish only to spread the knowledge that I feel is important.

II, The Universe
It is difficult to make observation of the universe, as we are unable to look inward. Instead, we must look outward to the universe around us, and extrapolate what little we can. But like most things, the universe can be explained simply as conflict in forces. Imagine a pot of water. If there is little water in the pot, then when it comes to boil, it will not bubble and spit nearly as fiercely as when there is lots of water. The universe is innumerable in size, and the forces being acted upon it are of far greater quantity and strength than the water in our boiling pot. It is for this reason that the universe is both a chaotic and symbiotic host.

Every force in the universe is by definition a force of disorder, even the Holy Light itself. An overabundance of any one force, though it may quell the chaos, will also quell the symbiosis required to sustain life. To refer back to the example of the boiling pot, too much heat will cause the water to evaporate, and too little heat will cause no reaction at all. Chaos quelled in both instances, and yet we are left with either the heat with which we no longer have anything to boil, or the water with which we cannot heat. An overabundance of one force leaves to a dire want of another, thus creating disorder.

Now think if you will to two forces to which you will likely be most familiar - the Light, and the Shadow. We know that these two forces are the antithesis of one another, and in our society the Shadow is condemned for that very reason. To the human race, and a few of our like-minded peers, the Shadow represents everything wrong; fear, guilt, temptation, to name but a few. We have witnessed the unliving embodiments of the Shadow, and the havoc they have wrought, and we deny it access to our hearts and minds. Though in doing so, we only damn ourselves.

Hark back to the boiling pot. Imagine now that the Shadow is the heat, and the Light is the water. And we, as we are, are in the water. A constant balance between the forces of the Light and the Shadow will lead the pot to boil, and with the boiling there will be chaos. If the Shadow becomes great enough to overpower the Light, the Light vanishes, and we are left with no host, only the sizzling heat of the Shadow, and all the negatives of such you are surely all too familiar with. But think also, what would happen if the Light were to overpower the Shadow. The chaos would cease. There would be no death, no fear, no impurity. As desirable as this may sound at first, take mind of the consequence. Without death, there can be no natural end to the cycle of life; life and death are somewhat one and the same, in a symbiotic relationship where one cannot exist without the other. Without the darkness within our souls - the fear, the greed, the lust - would our souls truly be pure? Are these not important factors in the balancing of the mind and the body? As previously mentioned, both the Light and Shadow are forces of disorder. If one is to attain greater quantity and power than the other, then there will be disorder. But if the two forces are balanced, the counteracting forces of disorder cancel one another out, creating order. It is this order that allows the universe to sustain life. The perfect balance of chaos is our greatest ally.

I call this line upon which we tread between the Light and Shadow the Divine Bridge. To either side of the bride are streams, the Light and the Shadow respectively. Tread too far from the sanctity of the bridge and be taken by the current of the streams; swallowed whole by the forces of disorder. It is to this end that the balance must be maintained, the Divine Bridge must stay standing, and we must not succumb to disorder.

III, Disorder of the Light
In modern times, the Light has taken on a new meaning to many of us. No longer is it merely a beacon of hope and warmth, but it is now a bladed gauntlet with which to strike at the Shadow and its amalgamations. We have made the mistake of seeing the Shadow as something alien and wrong, when in fact it is as old, as powerful, and as important as the Light. Truth be told, the Shadow has been with us all along, addressing the imbalance caused by the Light.

Think to the three virtues themselves. Respect is a strong virtue not to be taken lightly. Lack of respect, particularly for ones adversaries, can lead to great disaster. But ask yourself this, do you really show your true respect? If you reading this now are a firm believer of he Holy Light and are taking great offence to these interpretations, are you truly respectful to these views? Likewise, are you respectful to demons? To the Scourge? To death itself? It is the doing of the shadow itself that you do not feel such respect. Contempt is an agent of darkness, and we are all subject to its power. Too little Contempt can lead to overestimation, equally as dangerous as underestimation, and likewise too much can result in great prejudices and hatreds, persecution of others for their differences. Respect and Contempt must be at a point of balance.

Equally so, Tenacity is a force of disorder. While it is an often strong trait, too much Tenacity could be devestating. Think of the Scourge. They know no fear, no hunger, no lust, no irresolution of any kind. Surely they are the very model of Tenacity, but yet they are soulless, the great imbalance of Tenacity forcing away what once made them living. To this end, we require our own darkness. Without Fear, we would have no sense of self-preservation. Without Hunger, we would starve. Without Lust, we would never procreate.

Lastly, to Compassion. Compassion, like the others, is a necessary force in moderation. Without Compassion, we would be as cold hearted as demons, with no understanding of the arbitrary rights and wrongs. Equally so, there cannot be a positive imbalance of Compassion. At which point does a soldier take too much pity on his foe? While this may sound harmless, given great enough strength of Compassion, this could be gravely harmful, and could even lead to the opposing force of disorder, be it the Shadow or another, overcoming the Light completely. To this end, we require Hatred, burning bright and pure. Not enough that we see no reason not to hate, but enough that we can allow ourselves to do what is necessary, to travel along the Divine Bridge and hold at bay the forces of disorder. Whether we admit it or not, we are all subject to Hatred, and we must embrace it in some form for our own wellbeing.

The teachings of the Light are strong and meaningful of themselves, but they are not and never can be a be all and end all to life, and to the universe. While maintaining your virtues is important, an act I myself do indeed strive for, it is equally important to allow the opposing forces into your heart and mind, to maintain balance in your spirit.

IV, Tenets of Darkness
It is a well documented and questioned fact that all sentient races hold an irrational fear of the darkness, whether it be a moonless night or a candleless room. We, in our grand Light-focused scope, overlook the most base instinct gifted to us - Fear. Fear is a true force of disorder, prone to cause chaos of its own right. Yet Fear is also one of the greatest forces of order in the universe. It is true that without Fear, even the most long-living of races would suffer an enormous mortality rate. And it is likewise true that Fear is what separates us from the soulless unliving constructs; demons, the undead. Fear is the most important of our emotions, and yet many seek to root it out, to destroy the great sources of Fear, and remove it from their souls for peace of mind. Yet in place of peace of mind, they will find nought but turmoil and disorder.

It is negative emotions such as Fear that we neglect so freely. Just as the Light makes manifest the positive emotions, so does the Shadow make manifest the negative. By denying what has been so graciously gifted to us, we create our own disorder, unsettling the balance of our souls, and helping to spread the great disorder of the universe. Would our lives not be better if we learned to not only master, but to embrace these negative emotions in lieu of denying them their rightful place in our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls? Many fear the Shadow itself, and equally the great negativity it can wreak, yet they do not realise that the Shadow is within them! The Shadow is as natural a force as the Light, moulding and shaping us from birth to death, filling our minds, hearts and souls with the things that truly make us who we are. You can pretend to be a shining beacon of the Light, and that the Shadow has no influence over you, but you are only lying to yourself.

As previously mentioned, Death is one of the great gifts of the Shadow. Consider that every being spends far more time being dead than alive. Death is not, as so many put it, a part of life. It is in fact instead the case where life is a byproduct of Death. In reality, the universe itself is a grand body of darkness and Shadow, with a beating heart of life, the Light. When the Light's gift of life runs it's course, the necessary force of Death finishes what it started. The death of another being, be it even one you love dearly, ought not be mourned or condemned. Death in and of itself is a celebration of life, and how the two juxtapositions forces of disorder found order amongst the chaos of the universe, order with which to spawn this endless cycle of Life and Death.

~ The rest of the paper has been ripped off ~

A note has been added to the assay with a paperclip.

Found this on the street.

It's a good read if you're interested in Theology, the workings of the Light and the universe. This article talks about some different views on light and shadow, the nature of it all.
But when reading this, never forget. The demonic legion is a darkness unnatural and exempt from this balance. The Legion does not seek your heart in greed or lust, the Legion's only goal is the destruction of all.

And let us not forget that while this speaks of moral balance, it says nothing of the enemies of the crown. Religion and state, while in most cultures tightly entwined, are not the same thing. We fight the enemies of the alliance not because of their beliefs, but because they are a threat to the peace of Azeroth and our way of life.

Ponder on the Light, on the shadow. Ponder on what is right and wrong.

But never forget who our enemies are.

Never forget who your king is.

With love,
- Wellsworth.

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Re: The Divine Bridge

Post by Adry on Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:59 am

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