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Charlie is a little taller than an average high elf, though not by much. He is fairly good looking, but for a high elf he would have about standard looks. His wrist has a coalblack birthmark in the form of a badly drawn bird. Most likely he will also have a smirk on his mouth most of the time. He has a bitemark on his left ear and scars on both. He is well trained for a magi and is hardly ever seen without his hat or atleast one set of gloves on that are hiding a rather nasty black spot in his right palm which also misses a finger after a death knight severed it under a torturesession.

His history in "short":

"short history":
His personality is rather shifting though two things does never change. He always likes fun and he would never harm a child unless he feels it's a threat to him. Same goes for innocent women. the other thing is that he will have problems with attention when there are more people than one talking to him at once. When he is happy he will be pleasent mostly, maybe joking a bit much during heated situations and he will not seem like he is taking things seriously. When provoked he will most likely turn to violence quite quickly and will most likely not show any signs of bad conscience afterwards, unless he feels it will be beneficial to his situation.

His youth was mostly revolving around magic. His father left before he was born, thus his mother had to do all the work herself. He started as an only child yet children seemed to be popping up every now and again. He had many step fathers but most of them did not last very long. When he got old enough he started to study the arcane arts, his mother did not approve but yet he continued delving into the arcane he held so dearly. He had many girlfriends over the years, yet most of the relationships ended very suddenly. He was about thirty when he discovered his love for history and quickly started to gather all he needed for expeditions. As he travelled he started losing his sense of guilt as the unexperienced adventurers around him fell one by one.

The years went by and the Scourge attacked Quel'thalas, Charlie did what he did best and took all he could of valuables from anywhere in the kingdom and fled. Later selling these stolen valuables for a massive profit. After this he started working closely with the explorers league and helped out there, once he arrived they were distrustful of him so he whipped up a spell making him look human. Dubbing this alter-ego Charlie. His experiment was a success and he continued working with them.

One day before the joined forces of the grand alliance left to vanquish Garrosh he joined forces with the Freelancers which he slowly started to know. His illusion was revealed on the ship there and luckily he was not punished for this. During the campaign in Durotar he got to know a thug named Wolf which would later become a close friend. They're first criminal acts together was the raid on Klub Ice which was a bar in Ratchet.

After the campaign he returned to Stormwind with the Freelancers which were unknowing of his criminal exploits. He started hanging around the shady lady which was a big deal as he was the only elf who could. He did not do much criminal other than a portal every now and again to help escape the guards and the odd "taxing".

His earlier disagreements with his mother became hate when one day a few men and women later revealed to be blood elves in disguise managed to trap him and take him to Silvermoon where he was held for a week. His mother trying to turn him into their ways, Charlie however resisted all he could and his mother grew tired. She remembered however that Charlie's twin brother who's mind had been challenged after the fall of Quel'thalas. She made a unnamed man transfer Charlies memories to his brother altering them slightly to help ease the process of conversion. Eventually came the help of Lieutenant Iriel Silversong and another fellow. They broke him out of his prison at the inn and got him out, it is uncertain if it was him or his twin that was left behind.

Back in Stormwind Charlie started plotting his leave from the company starting to slowly being there less and less, after Wolf his only reason to stay there died this process was accelerated. He was on his way to the lady one day when he saw a poster, a powerful warlock had gone rogue and there was a prize on his head. Ten gold coins, he went to the meeting point where fourteen other adventurers were waiting. Among them Theadore Wellsworth(later glorious leader). They fought long and hard eventually killing the warlock, Charlie quickly took his head and went to Lakeshire for his payment. He also got the title, "Hero of Lakeshire" even though he tried telling the citizens he was not the sole person killing him. A later day he met Theadore again, she was planning to make a band of adventurers. He left the Freelancers soon after and joined the founding of the Band of the Brave.
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