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Post by Jenit on Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:43 pm

Excerpt from Gearshaft University Report Sheet, Term 2 wrote:Grades:

  • Gnomish Literature, Poetry 102 = 46/100
  • Gnomish Literature, The Prose and Poetry of Fendle Moggybother = 52/100
  • Introduction to Engineering = 60/100
  • Engineering Portfolio I = 45/100
  • Introduction to Magical Theory = 32/100
  • Magical Ethics = 0/100 DID NOT ATTEND EXAM

Jenit is severely under-performing. She is clearly a Gnome of some potential but her inability to apply herself to her work properly has caused he grades to suffer and she is currently underachieving or failing all but one of her classes. When she decides to work she varies between inspired and workmanlike, presumably based on her alcohol consumption the night before. Of particular concern is failing to attend her end of term Magical Ethics exam, if she does not improve significantly next term she will be placed on academic probation.
Except of Ironforge Court Transcript for the case of Jenit Penfold vs Fizzlespinner's General Goods wrote:
Mr Crabs: I think what my colleague Mr Irongrinder of the prosecution is trying to say is that Ms Penfold defamed the good name of Fizzlespinner's General Goods by claiming it and I quote from Mr Irongrinder's opening statement "Smelled strongly of wee and had not been cleaned for a number of months" causing the shop to be closed by city authorities for a number of days. What I intend to prove is that Ms Penfold was not maliciously spreading rumors about the cleanliness but that she did earnestly believe she was giving genuine consumer advice to the good citizens of Ironforge. That it turned out she was wrong is irrelevant as according to the reality she experienced her claims were correct.
Mr Irongrinder: Objection! He cannot possibly hope to prove that!

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Retired Greenhorn, Jenit Penfold Empty Re: Retired Greenhorn, Jenit Penfold

Post by erwtenpeller on Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:48 am

(( Brilliant! ))

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