Lover's Court

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Lover's Court

Post by erwtenpeller on Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:19 pm

The following pamphlet or note has started to appear in the Pig & Whistle.

The Band of the Brave presents:
The Lover's Court.

The Love festival is upon us once again. To honor this time where we celebrate our love for one-another, our kinsmen, and our great Alliance, the Band of the Brave is hosing a fashionable ball in the Royal Gardens of the Stormwind Keep, on the 19th of February. There will be refreshments, music, good food, and several activities for singles and couples.

All proceeds will go to the Wellsworth fund for underprivileged children.

More details to be announced!

Wednesday the 19th of February.

The Royal Garden of the Stormwind Keep.

A fancy dress party to celebrate love, in the spirit of the "Love is in the Air" blizzard event.
Keeping to that spirit, there may or may not be an unexpected twist involving chemicals.

I am looking for your input on this event. Got any ideas to contribute, from yourself or your character? Post them here, and we can work on setting up a great valentines event for the server.


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