A note in the Stormwind Gazette...

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A note in the Stormwind Gazette... Empty A note in the Stormwind Gazette...

Post by Baylan on Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:26 am

Pinned against the Board seems to be a cut-out piece of news paper, a single small section placed by a Barmaid torn from the military goings on within the forces of Stormwind. In small letters, past the notable mentions and reports of deaths in service lies the following:

Stormwind Gazette wrote:Decorations

Ms. Adelane Morgan has been awarded the title of Squire, in service to the honorable Sir Aladrian Wolfsbane, Knight-Captain (2Rg-AC) and rightful Lord of Lakeshire. This has been ratified by the Kings privy council and written in stature.

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