The Rime of the Brave Mariner

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The Rime of the Brave Mariner Empty The Rime of the Brave Mariner

Post by Adry on Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:08 am

Tonight we travelled atop the waves
To reach our Northrend quarry
But underneath the starry night
Our trip be rendered folly

For reserved we were for dangers ahead
Confident, so our hearts sang
Settled into the dreary night
When the General Quarters rang

From port to bow the cries they sang
As scaly enemies vie our doom
From starbourd to stern the murlocs came
To turn the ship into our tomb

The battle raged as darkness fell
Our Northrend quest be hindered
As guns barked death to creatures bereft
We sailed forever windward

To my battle station I trained my eye
As my aiming cannon be loaded
The thundering boom of the cannon fire
And the giant turtle's guts exploded

Astounded by this brand new threat
One I had not fought before
I dashed across the deck to Sheila
And atop her, I did soar

Enthralled by the taste of blood and battle
My sights fell on beasts without name
Flew I did, trigger I did pull
And their black hearts went up in flame

I cried, lit up in much elation
And my upturned heart turned over
Victory seemed well within sight
But it was not nearly over

From the depths, it came, it stealed our glory
The beast with a thousand beaks
Leviathan, scourge of the seas
Only terror would I then speak

Through the hull, the tendrils rose
The ship be crippled gravely
Splintered wood peppered men good
But they weathered the storm bravely

The beast cried out, as cannons rang
And the tendrils lost their footing
Iniatiative guided the crew
To give the beast a gutting

Into the maw, fearless no more
Was sent explosive barrel
As the cries rang out of the terrorsquid
An explosive end to its carol

We won the night, our souls be saved
But great losses were amounted
To the north we spied a nearby isle
And onward we then bounded

So now we sit, around the fire
Letting praise of victory be sung
Tomorrow then, to Northrend we sail
The adventure has just begun

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