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Post by Adry on Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:19 am

Act 1: Samophlange!

"SHHHHREEEEBOOOOOOOM!" As strange a noise as that was, she could swear it was the exact noise that she heard on the fateful night. Except, well, it didn't come from her mouth, rather it came from the sky. Her new Dwarf friend just stared at her. Was it disbelief or was he just too jaded by idiots to think anything of Addy, who he now obviously assumed to be an idiot. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking with that great big beard in the way. "...Aye so, ye ken ye need m're else tae fix that, eh, wee death-trap o' yers?" he finally chimed in with, catching Addy off guard. Her brain was in internal monologue mode, not accent decoding mode! She gave herself a slap on the forehead to give her brain a kick into gear, wasting valuable seconds that could be spent deciphering the Dwarf's accent. Truth be told his accent wasn't very thick, which in a way just made things even worse for Addy, knowing she should by all rights be able to understand all well and fine just made her loathe herself more for being so inept. And she had at this point completely forgotten what the Dwarf had said, and was simply staring blankly into his beard. If he didn't think she was an idiot before, he sure as fel did now!

A brand new titanium core mount, as many cobalt bolts as she could hold in one hand, and a martensitic steel rod that she was sure was too new and vital-looking to some distant piece of machinery to have ended up in a scrap yard by accident. Not a bad yield. Sheila will be good as new in no time! She'd taken quite the battering when those pesky adventurers all started fighting over that sword. Pulled her right out of the sky, they did! And now look at her; dislodged torso mount, crumpled engine block, shattered turbines, she'd never been in a worse state since she was built. And to think Addy went through all that trouble to help out the adventurers and this is how they repay her! And what did she get for her efforts? A half-broken induction samophlange that had started life as hers to begin with, except it wasn't even working now after that Draenei got her big blue hands all over it. Disastrous!

And so she toiled and toiled away into the night. Sheila wasn't going to fix herself! At least not yet anyway, but maybe in the near future. For that though she needed to work out how to generate the necessary power while in idle. A tricky conundrum, one which would take all of her engineering merit. And then suddenly it hit her. Not the idea she was going to need, no, a piece of paper, provoking from her mouth a noise best written as "Gerfuhlernunkh!" as it collided with her forehead, wrapping round her face like a very big blindfold. Momentarily too baffled to do anything about this, she finally came to the realisation that she was not being attacked by a creature of the void vying to steal her life essence, and thusly removed the paper from her face. On it she saw a very accurate depiction of the Dwarf she had not long since done business with. Thinking nothing of it at first, she allowed the paper to slip from her fingers and back off into the wind, but as she did so, something quickly caught her eye. "WANTED: 5 GOLD FOR LOCATION" was the heading of the paper. Five gold. That could buy her not only a brand new induction samophlange, but all the parts she would need to get Sheila up and running again, and more! And as this thought had had ample time to settle into her mind, the paper was of course missing from her grip, flapping about in the strong wind behind her. So utterly baffled by the moment, she exclaimed "WHAT?!" into the wind, perhaps seeking some comfort for her huge mistake. When she found none, she spun sharply on her heels, pointing her nose for the paper which she could see twisting and turning in the wind already quite some distance away. Without thinking, she dropped her scrap metal and found her running legs, chasing the paper for dear life. "Come back paper, I'll be nice this time I swear!" she screamed into the wind as her desperate chase began.

What am I even doing anymore:
Okay I promise this is the last silly Addy thing I will post tonight, gawh! I think I have an addiction... Regardless, hope you enjoy this, which is all going to be set in the time between The Fallen Blade and Addy joining the Band.

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