Retired Greenhorn, Jul'kie

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Retired Greenhorn, Jul'kie Empty Retired Greenhorn, Jul'kie

Post by Lennix_Doge! on Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:57 pm

Jul'kie of Argus, ex-Vindicator and Greenhorn of the braves!

Jul'kie is an honourable Draenie among his people, known for his brave defence against the Orcs on Draenor and his time healing the injured from the crash of the Exodar. During the attack of the burning legion from within the dark portal, Jul'kie spent his days within the Exodar and sometimes travelled to the city of Darnassus to find wisdom from the Night Elves.

As Illidan was defeated and the Lich King had once again made his presence known, Jul'kie ventured to Northrend with the armies of the Alliance. As the armies prepared to storm the Icecrown Citadel, Jul'kie was took an sword to the side of his body, leaving the large scar to be seen. Due to his injury he was returned to Exodar from Dalaran, this was where he gave up his Paladin ways and decided to settle down. Many months later, months after the fall of the Lich king and the Deathwing had arrived in Azeroth, Jul'kie stayed within the Exodar and worked as a hunter in the Azuremyst Isle, collecting food and making leather clothing.

Unknown of any kind of news about Deathwing demise, Jul'kie was approached by a Pandaren many, many months later, which was a shock to many. He offered to teach him in the ways of the Monk and start him on a new journey to become an honourable Draenei once again. Months later, he now works within the Band of the Brave as an adventurer, hoping to find treasures and strange lands, of course wanting to improve his skills as a Monk along the way.

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