Retired, Sir Aladrian Wolfsbane

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Retired, Sir Aladrian Wolfsbane Empty Retired, Sir Aladrian Wolfsbane

Post by Baylan on Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:42 pm

He carries himself with pride, striding with a confidence only given through staring down death a thousand times. His gaze somewhat lofty, the poise of someone elevated as nobility rather then the common stoop of the peasantry.

Titles: Knight-Captain of the Argent Crusade (2nd Regiment), Lord of Lakeshire (Voluntarily rescinded) .

To say 'Al' is the prime example of a Paladin is an understatement. Every cliche, everything you would expect a virtuous warrior of good to be oozes from every pore. His armor, crafted from light-blessed steel and marked with the signets and charms of the Argent Crusade (as well of course as the more standard Argent Dawn) fits him like a glove. A well built mix of steel and leather, matched only in strength by its elegance. He carries his two handed steel sword with him like an extension of his body, an enforcer of the will of the Light and a tool against the armies of evil. It's sole purpose has been in the past to remove the stain of the scourge from Northrend and earned the nickname of 'Deliverance', due to Aladrians view that by killing one of the undead he was releasing the soul trapped within to the Lights embrace.

He chose the warriors life after being brought up in a privileged position, perhaps even a little spoiled until he saw the horrors of the second war as a child. It was at that moment, in the desperation of many, he found the hope of the Light and swore to uphold its values if only to protect those he cared about (which by extension means the entire kingdom, as he quickly started to realise). In fact, it was in service to the King that he found his first true love, a fine woman and on the first day of of the summer festivals they were married. She herself, an upstanding officer of Stormwind, brought something more then the warmth of the Light into the Paladins heart leaving him at the very pinnacle of happiness.

Sadly, like most stories of the brave and the good, there was no happy ending. She died a mere handful of years after after a brief illness. Despite the best intentions of the priests and doctors who attended to her, there was little that could be done except wait and pray for a peaceful passing. It was after this terrible event that Aladrian found himself pushing harder, doing more tours of service, eagerly accepting the most dangerous and terrible roles in a reckless attempt to conceal the grief that lay in his heart. He even gave up his claim to Lakeshire, vowing only to serve the Crusade and Dawn in their service against the evil and filth that would break themselves upon the Alliance's walls.

Yet despite his best efforts to die a noble death on the battlefield and be reunited with his love in paradise, the Light has never seen fit to bestow that upon him. With the scourge defeated, and the Crusade doing little more then mopping up what's left, there are no more grand battles to fight and no more razor thin victories to be had. So Aladrian wanders, retaining his rank but leaving behind finally the burden of his guilt. Perhaps, after so much fighting and accepting his loss, he is ready to recover.

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