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About the Guild Roster. Empty About the Guild Roster.

Post by erwtenpeller on Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:26 pm

About the Guild Roster. Botb-f21

There exists a mythical tome that holds information on every character in the Band of the Brave. This tome is known as the Guild Roster. On it's pages you will find notes on the history and quirks of these Brave men and women.

This forum is an in-character version of the "Roster" tab of your in-game guild interface. It is a tome that exists in-character, and everyone will be stimulated to add their own entry and upkeep it with current information, if they want to.

The Guild Roster forum will function as a social feature as well. Players are encouraged to post on other people's roster threads to leave in-character messages. Need to make a personal, but not private, request? This will be the forum to do it in.

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