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Post by Adry on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:55 pm

Now that I, wearing thy goggles tightly,
May gaze upon my mixture bubbling brightly,
As I pliest my trade to a mixture demonic,
When will my lips taste this unholy tonic?

She thinks of him, yet they know not what I know
Where they are, what they do; they know not my tears flow
While they play, and they flirt, and exchange idle glee
What a monster unleashed, pray let it be me!

Tend to the mixture, and mash up the paste,
I must see it tonight - onwards, with haste!
Better sit thus, observe the mixture's worth,
And tomorrow I dance and I play with Wellsworth!

That in the mortar - the smell, is it done?
My excitement is bubbling, yet more to come!
And yonder soft phial, the exquisite red,
What happens if I drink it, will I end up dead?

Had I but all of them, her and his treasures,
Never would I resort to such desperate measures,
To carry a syringe in a gun, or a casket,
Hidden from plain sight in a filigree basket!

Soon, at the Pig, a mere request to make,
And Aladrian's blood, I shall with haste take!
But from dawn to dusk, careful I must tread,
This task is not light, as my dear friends said!

Quick - is it finished? The serum's too thin!
Why not thick like the blood, all clotted and grim?
Let it slip down my gullet with hardly a care,
Let it fix up my brain, Aladrian, beware!

He is strong, he is big, no minion like me,
That's why he ensnared her: this never will free
The soul from those masculine eyes - say, 'no!'
To that pulse's magnificent come-and-go.

For only last night, as I lay and I thought,
What he has above me, why not it be bought?
Could I keep her one minute fixed, he would surely fall,
And I would claim Wellsworth, once and for all!

Perhaps it will bring him a heart of pain
To see his flirtations and tricks end in vain:
Brand, burn up, illuminated by grace -
Lest he forget her beautiful face

Is it done? Off with my goggles! The mixtures is set,
To the next part of the plan; Easy, I bet!
After one sip, one droplet, of this unholy fee,
Of my childish demeanour, I will finally be free!

Now I take Sheila, and fly to the inn,
Forgive me, dear Wellsworth, for I now must sin:
The Crusader Knight-Captain, whose blood I must steal,
And with it his fervour, his courage, and his zeal!

What is this I don't even:
Addie's newest plan is to steal some of Aladrian's blood and use it to make a serum to make her more like him in an effort to steal Wellsworth's affection, and I got bored and here's a poem. Enjoy.

P.S. If anyone can tell which Robert Browning poem this is based off I will love you forever and ever.

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Something Blue Empty Re: Something Blue

Post by Jian Shu on Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:33 pm

It's not exactly rocket science to tell that it's based off The Laboratory :p

Good stuff, nonetheless!
Jian Shu
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Something Blue Empty Re: Something Blue

Post by Baylan on Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:59 pm

I really approve of this <33

Worgen hard, or hardly Worgen
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Something Blue Empty Re: Something Blue

Post by erwtenpeller on Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:20 pm

Amazingly entertaining read. Very Happy

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Something Blue Empty Re: Something Blue

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