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Post by erwtenpeller on Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:20 pm

About the Hero's Call Board Botb-f22

In the back room of the Pig & Whistle tavern stands a pin-board, proud and tall. On this board you can find notes and documents displaying news, quests, jobs, and other assorted messages. Anyone can pin something to the board - But be kind. Leave old messages hanging around for those that have yet to read them.

Use these forums to send put up in-character messages to your fellow guild-mates. This can be anything from crafting requests and quest ideas to crudely drawn pictures of male genitalia or messages to notify the guild about events and happenings.

This forum is also where event threads can be posted, may the guild calendar not offer enough space.

How to use the Hero's Call board:

  • A thread represents a note pinned to the board!
    Do you have a message for your fellows, a quest that needs be completed, or just want to dick around? Create a new thread.
  • Use replies to interact with pinned messages!
    Want to leave a reply, sign up for action, or just vandalize something? Post it in a reply to the message's thread.

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