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OOC Terrance update. Empty OOC Terrance update.

Post by terry-howards on Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:28 am

Terrance stired, the dragging of chains around his ancles and wrists gouging at his ears, as a knife in a thick steak, wake him, instantly he grabs at the chains, trying to tear at them with his hands and Teeth he continues for but a few short moments, before stopping still, clanking armour and cackling Orcs head towards his cell, a small 1 by 1 meter cell, carved into the side of a wall. As the Orcs approach the wall, Terry grabs his chains, hoping to use them as weapons... then he realised... he realised where he was, he doesn't remember how long, but he knows it has been at least a few months... months that felt like long years. This once fearless and brave Marksman begins to sob, curling up into a ball in the far corner of his pen, the door swings open and the Orcs are barking at him in Orcish, and he starts to cry out like a young boy, calling for his long since dead mother, and even his father, of all people... his chains are removed, and he is grabbed.

As Terrance is dragged down the hall, he starts screaming, "YUAN! RIN! ANYONE! ANYYYONEEE!" the foul beasts had transformed this battle hardened survivor into a shell, a shell filled with nothing but despair and fear, not only that, but they mutilated his body... everything but his hands and face, he had always asked himself why, and until a week ago, he never understood... these specific Orcs where trying to convert him, convert him into a double-agent, they needed his hands so he could strike at the alliance they wanted, they needed his face, as it makes the whole thing easier... Terrance is broken now, a lost soul trapped in his own body... all he remembers now is the faces and names of a few... and the pain.

they enter a dimply lit room, made completely of blackrock ore, a single torch lighting it, he turns silent as he remembers what this room is... here comes the pain once more... he begins to whimper, "Light... if you are real... protect me... free me from this hell... i will believe... devote myself to you.. if you would please just... help me..." then he feels it, the cold dripping of blood, running over his scabbed up wounds... his vision fades and all he can hear is himself screaming, screaming like a child who burned himself on the Pit-Fire, trying to roast a rabbit... is this all that is left, until death accepts him?

(I got bored trying to sleep and figured i'd pop this on here.. It;s not really much of anything, so comment as you will, if at all. i'll be back on wow anywhere between 2 and 12 months depending on how shit goes. Peace for nawww!)

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OOC Terrance update. Empty Re: OOC Terrance update.

Post by Clarke on Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:01 am

Howards! No! We'll save you.

OOC Terrance update. Yotam-perel-derp-disney-snow-white

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