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Retired Greenhorn, Tacitus Empty Retired Greenhorn, Tacitus

Post by Tacitus on Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:57 pm

Tacitus, Jack of all trades, master of none, but often times better than a master of one.

Tacitus is a dark skinned human, hailing from Tanaris. He is an orphan left in Gadgetzan by his mother, who she was or why she left him was never found out. But rumours said she was a bandit leader who didn't want a child to bring her down. Others that she was nothing more than a simple wench that had gotten pregnant by a random guy and decided to leave the unwanted child. Whatever it was, it doomed Tacitus to a life of servitude of the goblins who took him in and saw him as nothing more than free labour which they could extortion.

Tacitus' childhood was spent either working a debt he never wanted for the goblins, or wandering the wastes of the Tanaris Desert. Whenever he wasn't working for the goblins, he was trekking around the desert, exploring and learning everything there was about the place, but also about surviving in the scorching heat of day or the mind-numbing cold of night.

At the age of 13, Tacitus was saved as a small band of priests, who were travelling Azeroth in search of orphans they could save, came upon the young boy in his troubles and decided to pay the goblins out of his supposed debt and bring him to Northshire were he was taught almost everything he knows about the world except for survival. He went on with his life from there on, not knowing any other work than that which the goblins taught him, which was all manners, so he decided to put it all to work, but this time for himself.

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