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Interested in the guild Empty Interested in the guild

Post by Wombohead on Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:39 pm

Hi all,

Former WoW player here, possibly looking to play again. I had great fun in an rp-pvp style guild in Wildstar, despite being a pure pve player in WoW for the past ten years, so when the WoW urge started nibbling again I headed to the EU realm forums to see if anyone was out there that might fit my playstyle. From reading your info, you guys sound like a pretty decent bunch. Just wanted to ask a few questions:

- Contact outside of the game. Love your website - do you find that it gets used by members much? Or is there another way guildies stay in touch outside of the game? I ask because my work/family life is pretty busy, so I might not always be able to get much gametime during the week but I still want a way to keep in touch with my guild...

- Guild members. Just wondering how many guildies there are/ how active people are? I guess I'm looking for that sweet spot of a guild that is nice and active, but not too big so that people can get lost in the crowd of guild chat.

- RP. I am totally fine with playing along with player and guild RP, but it is not an aspect of the game that is my primary interest. Just to give an overview of where I am - I tend not to communicate in RP, but have run RP events before. Just checking that this guild would still be a good place to hang my hat if I'm more interested in socialising instead of RPing all the time (ofc, I would never break anyone else's RP and would still be well up for taking part in guild RP events).

- Events/activities. So, my primary focus ingame is just exploring the different aspects of the game - sometimes pvp (including wpvp), sometimes dungeons/raids or achievement runs. Sometimes even organising my own events (ran a pirate-themed murder mystery in Wildstar as well as a server-wide treasure hunt). I just wanted to check what the attitude is to the different aspects of the game here. Any regular nights/events that take place? Also, might there be opportunity for me to organise one-off social events in the future? (particularly on Thursday evenings, my main gaming night!)

At the moment I'm only exploring the game through the 10 day upgrade trial, but am strongly considering a full purchase of Warlords once the trial ends, if I can find a nice guild before then. Sorry for asking so many questions - choosing a guild is very important to me, and I'd rather might the right decision first time around instead of jumping about guilds for half the expansion...

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Interested in the guild Empty Re: Interested in the guild

Post by Halewood on Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:03 am

Greetings! , I would like to say that we have people on at all times and tend to communicate through WoW armory most of the time. The amount of us who are active is reasonably high and we are all very talkative. As we are an RP guild we do try to keep the guild down to mainly RPers except for a few exceptions I believe. On the topics of events , We run raids every now and again and have common RP events in a DnD style.

I am not an officer but thought I would try and help. The people you would be best getting in contact with would be:
Rinoi = Current Guild Leader
Jarke = Officer
Tygos = Officer
(These are ingame names and there are more you can get in contact with , Though these are the people who are online most often.)

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Interested in the guild Empty Re: Interested in the guild

Post by Rinoi on Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:55 am

Hey there!

For a brief spell during launch, and a month or two afterwards I played Wildstar as well, on the RP server Lightspire. I only did a tiny bit of RP, usually in a bar on someone's plot as I was mostly engaged with the PvE elsewhere. Unfortunately with just doing gold medal runs on veteran adventures, and veteran dungeons being too hard to get into without a lot of dedication, the game quicky got stale- and few of my WoW buds moved along to try it out to stop the tedium from building. I still enjoy the idea of the game though, and it’s a shame it didn’t take off as much as I’d have liked!

Anyway, reminiscing aside, let me answer your questions;

Contact outside of the game
Although the website isn’t as active as I’d like, it is something I am working on and I encourage everyone to stop by, read up and get in touch. There is also the app which lets you talk in guildchat and/or whisper people from your phone/pad. Beyond the game and website, we also have our own little teamspeak server that members may hop into at any time. Not only for WoW, but to play other games with, or just to chatter.

Right now I’d say we have an average of ten or so active members on at most nights. The overall active roster is a little bigger, as not everyone can make it on at every night. As Aleks said, there’s a bunch of chatter on at most times, but I don’t often perceive it as too spammy. If I do, I generally ask people to take it down a notch so other activity in the log can still be read.

The guild is primarily a roleplay guild, and every member will have to come by events every once in a while. But we are certainly not in character all the time, nor do we expect people to show up every night. We have organised RP, such as your player run events, usually twice a week. In between people ask around if others are interested to RP, creating some impromptu stuff. Showing your face at one of those opportunities each week is about what we expect, although I won’t hammer on a specific attendance rate. But if we find people not engaging with any guild events for a month, we let them know.

It’s hard to organise the days of the week in something everything can fully engage in. We certainly encourage people to organise their own events as well, be they social RP, battle-RP (often with /random rolls, whilst fighting imaginary things), RP-PvP or raids/PvP in general. You are more than welcome to organise such things with the Band too! Although certainly not set in stone, right now, our weekly schedule goes sort of like this.;

  • Monday; The guildmeeting. Casual RP around a campfire, where we discuss what went down the last week, and will happen the coming ones. Sort of a recap, also where promotions occur.
  • Tuesday; Usually an open slot for people to organise their own things, most often has an RP-event.
  • Wednesday;  Most often a free day, although people can organise their own things too.
  • Thursday: Casual raidnight. We go to the normal, starting raid tier; Highmaul. Open for everyone who meets the gear requirements.
  • Friday: Progression raidnight. We go to the heroic version of Highmaul, or the normal tier of the follow-up raid; Blackrock Foundry. Limited to the more geared/experienced players.
  • Saturday/Sunday: Open days again. Saturday usually has an RP-event. Right now I am running an RP-campaign, with a new chapter of the evolving storyline each Saturday.

*These days are not all required attendance!

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Interested in the guild Empty Re: Interested in the guild

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