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Chief, Rinoi Du'nai 31-19

Rinoi Du’nai

Third Leader of the
Band of the Brave

Rinoi Du’nai is a tough warrior and sailor, wielding the magical sword Nautus, and a Ship’s Wheel shield in combat. Joined during the Lunar Festival, following the Siege of Orgrimmar at the end of the Pandaren war. Raised to Chief during the Winter’s Veil following the Iron Horde’s invasion of Azeroth. Aged 27.


Rinoi was born in Booty Bay as the only daughter of Tocha Du’nai, Admiral of the Steamwheedle Tradefleets. She was raised and taught under a wide range of caretakers, teachers, ‘uncles’ and other associated personnel and friends her father could find while he commanded his fleets, scarcely ever visiting.

At the young age of fifteen, Rinoi’s father was brought back home to the Bay, ill and fading fast. His ship had happened upon a plague-vessel, and no known cure for this magical disease was yet discovered. Witchdoctors under the employ of the Cartel brought the admiral in a stasis, so he could survive until magical medicine had caught up.
However, without a way to earn his keep, Admiral Du’nai’s estate soon lost all its wealth, power and pull with the Cartel’s bosses. The goblins turned instead to Rinoi, demanding she paid the exorbitant costs of her father’s care.

Unwilling to earn this living in Booty Bay, Rinoi instead moved to the capital of Stormwind in a desperate bid to earn her living in an honourable fashion. She joined the army; a poorly paid and hard job in the Blazing Shield regiment that she threw herself in with conviction. Quickly learning the rigorous discipline and strength required, she rose through the ranks, ensuring she had the pay to sustain her ailing father. In due time, she even stepped past the boundaries of the army into public office, as Minister of Justice, writing a version of Stormwind’s City laws.

Unfortunate political circumstances forced her in a quick retirement, and she returned to her old home in the Bay. Time had not stood still. Her time spent in Stormwind and the money paid to the Cartel had given healers the chance to revive her father. For weeks, the two could bond while he recovered from his sickness. But when at last he was deemed healthy, he returned to sea. With relationships in Stormwind still sour, Rinoi instead turned to the sea as well. As the daughter of an infamous admiral, she had learned a thing or two growing up about life at sea, and she soon experienced it herself. Aboard merchant ships, and later the Alliance Navy. She navigated the treacherous new waters brought forth in the Cataclysm, witnessed the destruction of Theramore from the sea, and engaged in many battles against the Horde.

When Orgrimmar fell, she returned to Stormwind. Her ship was decommissioned, and her past life in the city had become a fading memory. And thusly, when looking for new opportunities, the Band of the Brave presented itself.

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