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[Event] The Highmaul Heist! Empty [Event] The Highmaul Heist!

Post by Rinoi on Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:42 am

The Highmaul Heist

Chapter 1: Travellers on the Road

When the Band travelled through Gorgrond on the 17th of January, they came across a curious group of companions. Two Highmaul ogres led the party: a Two-headed Sorceror and a Brute. With them were a shadowy arrakoa, and an Azerothian orc rogue. They travelled with a heavy stone cart, with atop of it a hefty chest. It was sealed tight, and engraved with many arcane markings- quite mysterious.
The wagon had gotten stuck between two roots, and the group was embroiled in fierce arguing over whose fault it was it got stuck, and how they would get out of it.

Cue the Braves, who offered their assistance. Or well; Kastarn offered their assistance, and let Rinoi, Harold and Dimgo do the heavy lifting. Quite literally. Together with the Brute- they heaved the wagon from out of the root entanglement. Giving the Sorceror and Kastarn the chance to burn the roots that kept it in place.
The whole ordeal got the begrudging acceptance of them to join them on the road- and when they rested for the night they would share their camp.

However, it was soon found out that the travellers and their wagon were headed to the Horde base in Frostfire to deliver that mysterious artifact to the Azerothian Horde. An artifact that, even though we didn’t know what it was, would probably be better off in the hands of the Alliance. Or in the hands of the Band…

Later on, at the guildmeeting...
After the meeting held atop a cliff in Gorgrond on the 19th of January, the Band did their best to convince the Ogre Sorceror it was far better to leave the artifact in the Band’s hands. They sought to convince him of the strength and skill of the Braves. Kastarn summoned a bunch of purple cats, and James attempted to shoot off Dimgo’s hat. With mixed success- although it amused the sorceror a great deal it didn't really bring across the majestic might of the Alliance, or the Band for that matter.

However, with the mood lightened, Shapur managed to peel away some information, engaging the sorceror while feigning knowledge about ogre history. His ploy to make the two ogre heads argue amongst themselves in the end turned out to be enough. He would give up the artifact, in exchange for a spell that would save him from some legendary monster; Akreedai the Shapetwister that he was convinced was chasing him. He opened the crate, and brought forth a stone seal, pressing it in the hands of Shapur.

[Event] The Highmaul Heist! Wowscr11

He should perhaps have been more worried about his Ogre Brute companion, who after eating half of the Brave’s supplies, crate and all… Suddenly turned out to be something else entirely. It was no ogre but a hideous plant-creature, disguised and infiltrated into the party. Its belly lashed open, and vines choked the life out of the Sorceror before he could respond to the sudden betrayal. The Braves had little time to prepare, before it turned on them too.

In the end, it was Charlie Blazesong who rightly assumed that fire was a pretty good counter to plant-creatures. Like a rocket he ascended- and brought his magical blade Fernis down like a flaming lance, making the creature writhe while the flames consumed it. Its flaying vines and limbs sent a few Braves tumbling off the rock, but by this point, it was an almost expected occurance.

When the smoke lifted, with a little help from the elements as requested by Tygos, the Band was the owner of this mysterious Highmaul seal. More investigation is clearly needed… What does the seal connect to? What was the plant-creature that killed the sorceror. Who, or what is Akreedai the Shapetwister? And will we be able to earn some sweet loot from all this without dying?

To be continued!

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