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Post by Phlogistin on Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:03 pm

Herbhorn, Phil.

Phlogistin is a tall, green-eyed wizard. His hair is a faded red colour and he is around 35~ years old. He has been on many adventures, ranging from travels in all continents (including Outland) to marching through Wetlands with an army of Dwarves. His home is Loch Modan, a land he spent a lot of time guarding and patrolling, before disappearing with no apparent cause.

During the time when Phlogistin was nowhere to be found, he was in disguise as Eastwood, a black-haired mercenary with a purple eyepiece and a motorbike. As Eastwood, he had encounters with many groups, assisting criminals and guards alike. He often caught criminals and helped the Regiment but also had connections with the Company and the now-seemingly-dissolved King's Bane, as well as a variety of other links. Eastwood disappeared in a supposed murder incident, and Phlogistin began to show his face in Stormwind yet again, with traveling as his alibi for vanishing.

The wizard is a big fan of fire; his magic is usually of a flaming nature. It is fitting that Phlogistin uses his blazing powers to cook meals and light his pipe, with which he will often be seen smoking a variety of herbs (typically from Un'goro and Nagrand). He is very experienced with traveling and will often use his intellect to devise plots to overcome various obstacles. His various exploits across Azeroth (especially Pandaria) have made Phlogistin think about the ways of the world and he is driven primarily by his morals. He has no end goal, he has no enemy to track down, he is purely looking for memorable tales and good company.

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Retired Greenhorn, Phlogistin Empty Re: Retired Greenhorn, Phlogistin

Post by erwtenpeller on Tue Jan 28, 2014 2:33 pm

Hello Phil,

Nice play on words. I get it. Herbs are green, you like herbs, so you wrote "herbhorn" instead of greenhorn. Ha ha ha. Funny!

For the sake of roster constency I have taken the "Herbhorn" pun out of your title, and placed it on the main page.

Kind regards,
- Wellsworth.

PS: I forgot how to spell your name, so I just put down "Phil".

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