A bloody letter.

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A bloody letter. Empty A bloody letter.

Post by Clarke on Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:38 pm

A rather strange-looking letter sits on the notice board with a few lumps inside it that is obviously weighing it down. Covering the lowest parts of the letter is a dried and red liquid. When opening it you would see a large, crude text on a paper inside it that seems to be covering the lumps.

Hello, fellow Braves. I think you might be wondering why the one you call James Clarke has been taking on a very dark look lately, yes? That, my friends, is not actually James himself. The real one is with me, slowly losing his sanity as I rip his very soul apart (among other things). My company is very.. enlightening. You see, included in this very bloodied letter is about five fingertips - nicely cut off from James' body. That's a present from me to you. Who I am, will remain a mystery. Just remember that James' days are counted unless someone does anything about it. Who knows, you might try help him and get stuck here with him. Come, come. I'd love some more company.

The writer speaks the truth, behind the paper would five cut-off fingertips lie, smelling of rot and decay. They must've been there for a few days.

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