Ball of the Braves (Hallows end party Relaunch)

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Ball of the Braves (Hallows end party Relaunch)

Post by Rosalila on Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:30 pm

You have al been invited to the Ball of the Braves costume party!

Starting at the Pig & Whistle at 8pm for a drink and a bite.
As costumes will be viewed during all it's frivolity we will slowly continue on to the old hidden graveyard for the ultimate costume countdown!

The Hidden graveyard North East of Darkshire.

All the contestants will get their minute of fame, while questions will be asked about their lovely creations. (So prepare!)

First prize: Fullbody commision
Second prize: Portrait commision
Third prize: Portrait commision

Ps, this will also be launch for the Hallow's End RP event I'm organising on the next evening, Wednesday 28th, 8pm.
Check out the Heroes Call board, see you guys at the party!

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