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IC Level System

Post by Adry on Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:13 am

The controversial idea of the RPG combat system got me thinking about a simple but effective system used by an old guild I was in on Steamwheedle Cartel. Characters would have IC levels, which they would use for rolls in combat. For instance, a level 80 would do /roll 80 to attack a level 60, whose defensive roll would be /roll 60. To me though, this seems a bit too simple. So here's my ever so slightly more complicated proposition, which still remains deliciously simple.

Essentially, there are just 4 things. Your level and three stats, which are derived from your level. The three stats are Attack, Defense and Magic. The way you assign points/levels to these stats is simple. The amount of stat points you get is equal to 2* your level, which you can spread around as you please. To avoid stacking all your points in one stat and having, for instance, a level 50 with 98 Attack, you're limited to using up to 65% of your points in any one stat.

So here's an example for you:

Adelane Morgan: lvl 40
Attack: 45
Defense: 34
Magic: 1

Looks pretty simple, right? To extend this, here's how combat would work.

For a physical attack, the attacker does a /roll of their Attack, and the defender does a /roll of their Defense. (e.g. Addie vs a lvl 50 Ghoul with 55 defense. Addie rolls a 22, Ghoul rolls 30, she misses/is parried/dodged/falls off a pier).

For magical attacks, the attacker rolls for both their Attack and their Magic and adds the two together then divides by 2, while the defender against a magic attack rolls for both their Defense and Magic and adds the two together then divides by 2. (e.g. Calamity with 40 attack and 60 magic vs Addie. Calamity rolls 29 attack and 32 magic, giving her an effective roll of 31 (half numbers are rounded up), while Addie rolls 12 defense and 1 magic, an effective roll of 7, so Calamity's attack is succesful).

In the case of a DM event, how exactly a player fails or succeeds an attack is up to the DM, while in fights between player characters it would be up to whoever is on the receiving end of the failed or successful attack. The simplest way I can think of this system is with two player characters duelling, taking turns to do emotes which are both reactions to the successful/failed attack, as well as attempts at their next attack.

I don't condone the idea of player characters having health points, I think it should be entirely up to the player how badly injured their character is by successful attacks aimed at them.

So tell me what you think of this idea, even if what you think is "stfu adry you're talking shit again get back in the kitchen"

EDIT: So, the issue of health was raised, and while it's not how I'd prefer things (I'd rather trust players to be responsible with their own injuries etc), I can understand the appeal or even the need to have a fixed health system. So with that in mind, here's a simple solution.

Your HP is equal to your Defense, and the amount of HP you lose from an unsuccessful defense roll is equal to the difference between your roll and your opponent's. For instance, attack roll of 28 trumps defense roll of 12, the defender loses 16 HP.

EDIT2: So the abritrary level system needed some clarification. Your character's level is up to you, depending on what you think your character is capable of. Here are a few examples you can use as guidelines:

Mr. Bigglesworth: lvl 2
A child: lvl 10
The average adult: lvl 30
Untrained militia: lvl 50
Trained soldier: lvl 80
Elite soldier: lvl 100
Powerful Mage: lvl 140
Archmage: lvl 170
Ascended Demonologist: lvl 200
Shadow Ascendant: lvl 240
Dreadlord: lvl 300
The Lich King: lvl 1200
Deathwing when he was on steroids or something during Dragon Soul: lvl 3000
Goku: lvl 9001
erwt's panties: lvl ∞

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Re: IC Level System

Post by Grahlvi on Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:22 am

It's simple enough, and I agree with the whole characters shouldnt have hp philosophy. Only think I'm unsure of would be giving npcs or cannon fodder offensive stats, or individual defence. I might be a bit of a simpleton, but it might become a bit to manage, especially if we're fighting a horde of the muthafudgers. Still, I always like this sort of thing and the discussion that comes with it (:

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