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Post by Tygos on Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:36 am

Sorry for the typos its kinda late and I needed to get rid of some energy so I wrote this quickly

The story:

This story begins long ago... In a not so peaceful time back when war plauged my mind back when I was known as Exarch back when I was in the mist of battle clashing steel, chrushing those whom stood against the Draenei and sought out to harm my people.

It was a cold night with a cold breeze blowing on to Haatim and his Lieutenants, Azmis the seer, Brael the tracker and little Mahuun the Anchorite.

Brael said as he point on the map near a mountain pass: "I seen the enemy around this area with my scouts, if we can we should attack over hear in the mountain pass it will save us many injuries as it is a small passage so it will be more of a equal fight there numbers won't matter"

Azmis replies with a slight frown: " Do you really think thats wise Brael? do you think cutting our numbers and there numbers will work for us when they can supply more troops?"

Haatim cuts in looking a bit angerd: "Azmis.. this will save us injured troops and that pleases me and one of our men fights like at least ten orcs when they are not blessed by the Naaru."

Azmis, Brael, and Mahuun nods in agreement

Haatim says: " It's setteld then we make our stand there. This meeting is over, you may return to your duties now. "

As all of the Lieutenants leave Haatim's tent he sheds a small tear whispering: " For all the orc's that get killed I pray for that they find true peace in there afterlife... just like we will. "

As the next day rises and The army was was ready to make there stand waiting for the orc's to come chargeing Azmis comes running towards Haatim hugging him tightly before whispering: " I regret nothing... and I love you Haatim just you, remember that"

Chocked as he was he stood there as a fool as she ran off as quick as she came up to him only thinking: " She loves me? I.. need to talk to her after this fight. "

Just a few moments after war drums are heard and the marching of the orc's so Haatim quickly shuck his head yelling out to his men: " Get ready! The orc's are comming closer! May the Naaru guide your hands brothers and sister! For Justice! "

The silence after Haatims Battle cry was golden and made Haatim smile slightly thinking for him self: " This is it, they are ready now "

After a few skrimishes in the middle of the passage the full orc army charges as the Draenei army and one orc had in mind " Cut of the head and the body falls " making his aim towards Haatim only when they got close they got locked in combat fighting with there weapons slashing wildly at each other.

After a while of flighting close to each other the orc retreated and took up a bow taking aim on Haatim who had started to heal his soldiers, but he did not notice Azmis who where fighting close to Haatim trying to protect him as he healed the others. so when he fierd the arrow He did not know who he was going to hit.

But Azmis knew... she knew all along that this was her end that this was her final chapter, just before the arrow hits her neck she turns to Haatim yelling at him: " Take care now love, I will always be with you Haatim "

As he hears Azmis yelling at him he looks towards her seeing the arrow hit her neck piercing it enought for the arrow head to come out on the other side of her neck, seeing this crushed Haatim he stopped doing anything at all he was just stareing at his closest friend dying, In his mind he knew she wasn't going to survive that just looking at her made that obvious.

So Haatim looking around in pain sees the orc he faught before... the only orc with a bow and arrow so he charges at him in blind rage as he charges the light shines around him in sutch a strenght it blinds those looking towards him, when the orc army witnessed this they reatreted... all but one did becouse he was caught by Haatim that decided to spare his life and keep him as a target dummy for what he did.

Back at the camp late at night when most of the army slept Haatim unchainded the orc from his pole and started to drag him thrue the camp towards one of the mountians pathways that where leading to where he knew the orcs had there camps. when he reached the top he looked in to the beaten orc's eyes and said: " This end is to good for you " before pushing him down from the cliff towards the orc camp

While watching the orc fall to his death Haatim used the orc's own bow and arrows and shot arrows after the orc praying to the light, no demanding the light to set the arrows on fire but the light did not do as he demanded... so he begged for any kind of power to set the arrows on fire and as he took up a new arrow is lit up in green fire, He knew what that ment but little did he care for using that kind of power... all he wanted was his vengance.

The more arrows he shot the emptier he felt and in the end he realised that he was out of arrows and what he shot was just bolts of fire, at that moment he saw his weakness and rushed down the mountains to try and save someone from his barrage of vengance.

When he got to the orc camp he only found one orc alive and that was just barely so he asked the light for forgiveness and power to save this orc. As the light came to him every inch of his body felt like it was stabbed by swords and smashed by war hammers but set in his mind to save the orc he countinued his healing, saving the orc who gracefully asked for mercy when he saw Haatim, he rememberd him from the battlefield he rememberd the light.

Before running away
the orc said: "Thank you for saving me, and whats your name?"
Haatim said : " I'm Haatim and you are? "
The orc replied: " I'm known as Axefist and more than that your not going to know "

Little did Haatim know he met one of his best friends that day... but that story is for a later date.

Best regards Haatim
this is also my entery in the writing competition

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