Retired Dragonheart, Lennix Stevens.

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Retired Dragonheart, Lennix Stevens. Empty Retired Dragonheart, Lennix Stevens.

Post by Lennix_Doge! on Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:52 pm

Retired Dragonheart, Lennix Stevens. Lennix15
Lennix Stevens, Braveheart of the Band of the Brave!
Gilnean Mage!

Lennix Stevens was once a proud soldier of Gilneas, until the Worgen outbreak happened. After coming out of his feral state and knowing that his wife was lost, he ventured to Stormwind in search for a new life. Lennix took up the chance to become a mage and did nothing but spend time within a dusty, old tower and train and learn and train and learn more, doing so gave him back the courage to go out and thus became a guard of Stormwind.
After seven months of serving the king within the Regiment, Lennix decided to leave due to personal reasons and went back to his tower of learning for a month. Bored once again, Lennix comes out of hiding and runs into a SEXY High Elf, known as 'Charlie' and then ends up within the 'Band of the Brave. After spending a week or so with them he was given the title of Braveheart. He continues to cause chaos and throws insults about but despite that, he always manages to make his friends laugh! Now he hopes to find amazing treasures and help with the band to make it a well known group of awesome adventurers!

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