Sighting of the Ranger!

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Sighting of the Ranger!

Post by Lennix_Doge! on Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:07 pm

*A folded note is pinned to the notice board.*


Thanks to one of my good friends, i know the current location of the Dark Ranger, in Dustwallow Marsh. If anyone doesn't remember who this Ranger is, then i'll quickly explain. From what intel we know, she is actually on the run from the Forsaken and a Lich, which we have met a few times. She is extremely dangerous and wherever we see her, the Lich cannot be far behind. However, i'm actually hoping the Lich doesn't know her whereabouts, and that means we can get her, or kill her, which ever we prefer. We will most likely be needing to the ship, just to get there. I'm expecting this to be a two-three day job, so all be prepared. We leave on Sunday night. Be outside the Pig at 8:30!

Lennix Jasperson-Stevens!

(Dustwallow Marsh is in kalimdor, and close to horde territory, so please bring ya best gear. Just in case ^^)

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