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Post by Michael "Zal" on Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:45 pm

Hey there lads and Lasses! Thought it was about time to make some kind of puplic appearance!
I'm just a new lad joining the amazing ranks of the Braves! And now i finally registered on the forum, i wanted to greet you all! Smile
Dno if this is the right place to post this tho?

I haven't really been that active these past days since i was recruited, been very busy Real Life, but things seems to clear out now.
Fast introduction of this new fella:
My name is Mikkel, i'm 22 and i live in Denmark!
Currently i am waiting on starting school where i will be studying to become a fancy pancy lawyer.
Char wise then i play Michael "Zal" Valizh'Tir, a Quel'Dorei lad by the name of Zalezar, but who later have taken use of the more human common name Michael, whenever he is around them.
Michael is a ooold char of mine, going waaaayy back to Wrath times, but i have paused my RP life here and there, and have been not-active most of MoP.
Background knowledge about Michael, used to be with the Argent Crusade, used to be engaged to Iriel Silversong but besides that then he is not a very familiar face within the walls of Stormwind.

Besides that char, then i also play:
Billy Barisson, a very alternative guard in the Stormwind Regiment.
Zachary Johnson, smuggler who works under the cover of selling the best jars in Azeroth.

Besides doing rp, then i also used to be a pretty hardcore raider, which is also something i am trying to get back into (Not hardcore, but raiding in general) on a non RP char,
so if you ever find youself in a situation where you are going to arrange some PvE of any source, then feel free to poke me on my battletag: Aaen#2305!
I also do PvP so if anyone needs a partner then i am almost fully equiped for massacre on Mike!

As a reward for you being Brave enough to pull youself through reading this, then here is a reward in the form of Bill Hader

I am looking forward for epic adventures with you guys!
Michael "Zal"

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Re: Greetings!

Post by erwtenpeller on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:59 pm

Welcome to the guild Smile

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