Tiyanador and Alruic away.

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Tiyanador and Alruic away. Empty Tiyanador and Alruic away.

Post by TiyanAlruic on Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:35 am

There is a parchment with a dwarf styled pin held to the board.
It says:

''Greetings my friends. I, Alruic Forgehammer have to leave you all my friends alone in Pandaria for a wedding of our own in our family. My sister is marrying up and I am invited to return to Khaz'Modan.
If you are gonna stumble up there up on a wedding beside great forgefire, that is our family. I will be there.
Salutations and cheers to all of you, friends.''

signed in native Dwarf language is his name.

somewhere more to the top of the board seems to be another pinned letter, addressed to Delidah and another beside it addressed to Wellsworth.

''To Delidah:

Heyo. I am gonna have to be away for a week or two, I am in need at Exodar. Will you keep tending to bar for me as well please? And keeping making these delicious cookies! I baked a cake for you, should be in the ginspot cabinet, you know, there next to where you use your wash elemental.

Take care!

''To Glorious Leader:
I am apologizing upfront for my missing out for upcoming week or two. I am to be taken to Exodar to finish the businesses there, regarding my status whenever I still wish to become full pledged Anchorite. I shall report to you via this way or in persona s soon as I am bound back to Stormwind.

Until than I hope the Inn wont get destroyed as I enjoyed working there and I hope to still work there so we can give the Blue Reclusians somewhere where they can find more fun than at Blue Recluse and with proper assortment as well.

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Tiyanador and Alruic away. Empty Re: Tiyanador and Alruic away.

Post by erwtenpeller on Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:42 pm

(( Thanks for letting us know. ))

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