A Culling of Cultists and the hunt for a Rabbit Statue.

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A Culling of Cultists and the hunt for a Rabbit Statue.

Post by erwtenpeller on Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:47 pm

The following has been pinned to the board, neatly written on a sheet of quality paper.

A Culling of Cultists and the hunt for a Rabbit Statue.
An adventure in Darkshore.

It is said that after Deathwings demize, a dwarvish Twilight Cultist by the name of Melenia Fireprime and what loyal followers she had amassed a hoard of gold and magical artifacts, before vanishing into hiding. A contact who wishes to remain anonymous has discovered this secret lair in the Master's Glaive in Darkshore. The contact wants only one thing from the cultist's alleged hoard: A statue made out of lava-stone, in the shape of a bunny rabbit.

The Band of the Brave will leave for Darkshore on the eve of Friday the 17th of January. We will scout out this cultist hide-out to confirm it's existence and gather intelligence. We will make a plan of attack, and trike the following eve, on the 18th of January.

No horde interference is expected, but it is still advised to bring your best equipment. We do not yet know what evils await us in the Master's Glaive.

Light bless,

Spymaster Helmut Spoon has contacted Wellsworth with a top-secret mission. Officially, he has nothing to do with the operation!

This event will be part of an event chain Helmut is setting up that runs across several guilds, and both factions. It is very important that the statue is retrieved, so his plot can continue. We are bot a cog in a masterfully crafted machine!

Darkshore is Alliance Terretory, so characters of all levels can attend without problems. Adventure, hooo!

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Re: A Culling of Cultists and the hunt for a Rabbit Statue.

Post by Phlogistin on Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:32 pm

A group of adventurers sit upon the beds of Lor'danel, drinking merrily and eagerly awaiting the upcoming journey.

A lot of us are gathered at Darkshore (Lor'danel) waiting for the event, it's fun. I'm looking forward to fighting the Twilight Hammer.

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