Report of a Grumpy Sibling

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Report of a Grumpy Sibling  Empty Report of a Grumpy Sibling

Post by Arasali on Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:33 pm

Having little luck within the formal confines of the city I followed this Twin Sister back to where she called home.

Here I managed to pick up a few hired hands to help and was successful in persuading her and her man to help me track down the forsaken.

Later in our journey through Strangelthorn we suffered a set back as one of the hired help had to head back to a near by Dwarven camp.
Our medic stayed with the group before we reached a ransacked camp.What appeared to be a troll raiding party turned out to be some sort of Cult.

The remnants of our ragtag company followed mass drag marks into a nearby cave system where or resident mage claimed to sense a fel taint as did the Vindicator and Twin.

After splitting up the company came into difficulty.Our sceond group ran into oddly mutated acolytes of some sort and were unable to cope.
They in turn fell back to our position.The acolytes were no match for the entire company and were dispatched.

This however alerted the Leader who had used the distraction to flee.Before his aim could be achieved however he was apprehended for questioning.

Being held with sword to his throat did not loosen his tongue.In fact it seemed he had a death wish.Somehow he summoned some sort of Abomination.

The creature stood at least 9-12 ft tall and seemed to literally be made of the dead bodies from the destroyed camp.At it's core I recognized my target.It was the Forsaken from my earlier mission.
The fiend seemed to be created around the Forsaken who seemed to be irradiated by Fel Magics.

theorizing THAT the forsaken was being used as a power source and that this creature was a threat we attacked.
During the attack the injured Twin was guarding what we assumed to be the Cult leader.He tried to escape and was killed by The Brave in the process.

The creature was finally eliminated.Two of our company members were lost.One was devoured by the creature itself, the other was impaled on a falling staligtight formation which was loosened by the creature's death throws.

The Vindicator and I agree that the destruction of this Forsaken is unwise.From it's reactions to arcane and Holy energies during the engagement it was deemed too unpredictable.
What was left of it's body after the battle will be taken by me to Aldor rise where the Elders will hopefully know what to do

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