Fel-corrupted Mushrooms... Under water?

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Fel-corrupted Mushrooms... Under water? Empty Fel-corrupted Mushrooms... Under water?

Post by Lennix_Doge! on Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:35 pm

*An neatly detailed letter is pinned to the board, for all to see!*

A Kaldorei, named Anhagath Moonflame passed on a job for us. He claims to be an advisor to the Minister of Magic, who we all know as Arenfel. He wants us to head to Felwood and travel north to find Fel-corrupted fungus that thrives under water. They are known as Emerald Shimmercaps and have a colour which is similar to an emerald. They are paying one gold per person, which I suppose is reasonable. Anyway, our main job is to pick some of these mushrooms, but not too many and take them back to Stormwind in crates full of local soil.

I should probably tell you all, this ain't an easy pick-up and leave job. The area is surrounded by Satyr and other local beasts, so we must be on our guard. But I'm sure we can all handle ourselves. We are the Braves, of course! Please meet me outside the Pig on Wednesday at thirty minutes past the eighth hour.

Lennix Jasperson-Stevens.

P.S. Whoever keeps stealing my stash of Whiskey, you best stop it!

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Fel-corrupted Mushrooms... Under water? Empty Re: Fel-corrupted Mushrooms... Under water?

Post by erwtenpeller on Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:46 pm

(( Neat! I love to see jobs pop up in cooperation with other guilds or players! Well done. ))

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