[Private] Declaration of Incompetence.

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[Private] Declaration of Incompetence. Empty [Private] Declaration of Incompetence.

Post by erwtenpeller on Tue Jun 24, 2014 4:58 pm

This is a document in the works. Only Helmut Spoon and Theadore Wellsworth carry copies of it. I needed to post it somewhere to be able to link it to people it needs to be shown to.

[Private] Declaration of Incompetence. Stormwind_64

Declaration of Incompetence.
Regarding: Councillor Maelmoor, minister of foreign affairs.

It is the shared opinion of the representatives of the Stormwind Council signed below that Councillor Maelmoor is no longer fit for his position, and should be removed from his seat within two weeks of the presentation of this document.

He has neglected the duties of his position in the following ways:

The Minister of Foreign affairs has not been seen outside of the council chamber for months. He makes no effort to keep in contact with allied bodies outside of the kingdom of Stormwind, and visits from our allies are few and far between.

The Councillor makes no effort to inform himself of what is happening in the city. It appears to us as if he only visits the council meetings, and spends the rest of his time in private isolation. This negligence slows down the meetings considerably.

The signed members of the council feel dismayed with Maelmoor refusing to handle the council as democratic as it was promised when it was reformed. If anything has Maelmoor stuck to the old rules of the council, still strangling the council with an iron fist.

- Glorious Leader Theadore Wellswoth, Council representative of the Band of the Brave.
- Lady Jenelle Fault, Minister of Trade.
- Helmut Spoon, Council representative of Wild Tempest.
- Arenfel Serentyne, Minister of Magic.
- Rackle Fizzlegear, Minister of Defense.
- Poyter Putik, Representative of the Dwarven District.
- Siegmund Shadow, Representative of the Freelancers.
- Kelly Ravelle, Representative of the Alliance Intelligence Agency.

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