(ic) Potential recrute by name delidah

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(ic) Potential recrute by name delidah Empty (ic) Potential recrute by name delidah

Post by Monrena on Mon May 26, 2014 5:15 pm

Hello to any officers that read this.. I have sort of.. recruited an Elf By the name delidah..

I remembered the questions "what is your aim" and what can you bring to the group" But I cannot remember that third question.. as such I have told her she is a provisional Greenhorn untill someone remembers and can ask her that last akll elusive question,

ps.. to all women of exotic origin.. thow she is a very kind and gentle Kaldori.. beware.. she is as close to a sexual deviant as a Kaldori Can get


*a smilie face can be seen here*

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